DATE EXTENDED TO 6/25/10 *** Family Reimbursement Funds Available for Families Whose Child has OMRDD Eligibility

If you have not received reimbursement within the last 18 months, you may be able to receive up to a $300 reimbursement.

Please note that you must have receipts and submit your request for reimbursement no later than **Friday, June 25, 2010!

What is Family Reimbursement?

The Family Reimbursement program was developed by the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities to offer families the opportunity to purchase the services or goods they need for their family member living at home, who has a documented developmental disability, and be reimbursed for the cost. For families unable to make an initial outlay, they may get approval from the Staten Island Developmental Services Office (SIDDSO) for an advance payment, but receipts must be submitted after the purchase. Sometimes families are in a financial crisis and need immediate help. If a family is in either of these situations, the SIDDSO contact is Ms. Lisa Michaels, Administrator, Family Support Services at 718-982-1903.

All Family Reimbursement applicants will use the attached standard form. Families and Service Coordinators must submit the application to the Staten Island FSS Administrator at 930 Willowbrook Road B-12G, Staten Island NY 10314, who manages the single point of entry. There are four not-for profit agencies that have Family Reimbursement programs. They are contracted by the state to disburse the money.  These contracts run on a fiscal year basis.  The fiscal year starts July 1 of any year and runs till June 30 of the following year.  They must have fulfilled their obligations to the state and disbursed their entire contract by June 30 of that year.  Therefore they will not be able to fulfill requests that are not from the contracted year since that money has already been used.

Link Here for the Family Reimbursement Form: Family Reimbursment Form LRM 11 09 REV

Link Here for a description of the Family Reimbursement Program: What is Family Reimbursement 8 09

Families may purchase services and goods, which are not funded through other sources. Purchases may include, but are not limited to therapeutic services, recreational services, disposable diapers, social groups, camps, special equipment, and clothing. Based on the fiscal budget we will try and reimburse as many families as possible.

The Family Reimbursement process:

Þ    Send the completed and signed application and original receipts through the single point of entry.

The single point of entry is:

Lisa Michaels, FSS Administrator

930 Willowbrook Road B-12G,

Staten Island NY 10314

Þ    The SI FSS Administrator will review the application, check for completion, if and when a previous award was made, assign a registration number, and forward the application to an agency that currently has reimbursement funding.

Þ    The SI FSS Administrator will send a note to the family acknowledging that the application was received and forwarded to an agency; the letter will include contact information about the agency reviewing the application.

Þ    Each agency has a review committee comprised of agency staff, family members and/or individuals who have a developmental disability. Reimbursement awards are based on the decision made by the committee reviewing the application. The agency will notify you of approximately when you should be receiving your reimbursement…


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