I hope everyone had a terrific summer and re-adjusting to a school schedule is going smoothly.

I want to thank everyone who worked to make last years P.T.A. a successful one. Last year our student’s had a great time at the 373R Carnival. Part of the funds for this carnival came from our beautiful “Special Edibles” cookbook, our first fund-raiser ever(click here for this September’s Edible.) A special thanks to all those parents and teachers who participated in making it a success.

This year we look forward to a even more exciting year, building on our successes from last year. We plan on having several fundraisers and activities and will need all the parent participation we can get to make them a success. . We will need everyone on board to make the 2006- 2007 school year even better than last year. Studies show that parental involvement in the school setting boosts children’s academic and social performance. (See our F.Y. I. Article for this month)

This year to make it easy for parents to attend we have decided to meet every third Thursday of the month. Meetings will be in the morning and the evening, and rotate between the three sites.

Sira Kagan