Parent to Parent NY, Inc. Workshop – 8/10/10

Monthly Information Session WorkshopSpecial Education Issues  

The Plan for Special Education
System Reform

Presented by

Anne Marie Caminiti, Program Director

Parent to Parent NY, Inc.

Specific changes to the delivery of

Special Education Services have been

implemented. This workshop will

address the following:


  • Children First Network
  • NYSED proposed policy changes.
  • How does this effect Special Education

 Institute for Basic Research (IBR),

1050 Forest Hill Road, Staten Island, NY

Tuesday, August 10th from 11 a.m. to 1p.m.

“Mom, I’m Bored!” – Fun Events on Staten Island this Weekend, July 31 & August 1, 2010

For more events and information go to

Saturday, July 30, 2010

 · Kayaking. South Beach, End of Boardwalk. Parking Lot #1.
· ‘Til The Cows Come Home-Family BBQ. Greenbelt Recreation Ctr. 718-667-2165
· Early Birding /Explorer Program. Blue Heron Park – Urban Park Rangers. 718-967-3542
· Beautiful Bees/Explorer Program. Blue Heron Park – Urban Park Rangers. 718-967-3542
· Green From the Inside Out. Clay Pit Ponds. 718-605-3970
· Earth Games. Clay Pit Ponds. 718-605-3970

· Teen Invasive Plant Workshop & Removal. 718-483-7105
· Moby Dick. Ft Wadsworth. 718-907-0709
· Green Artists. Clay Pit Ponds. 718-605-3970

 Sunday, August 1, 2010

· All Children’s Day. Carousel for All Children: Willowbrook Park. 718-351-3450
· Dog Days of Summer Hike. High Rock Park/Greenbelt Nature Center. 718- 351-3450
· Mysterious Mushrooms & Treacherous Toadstools/Explorer Program. Bloomingdale Park – Urban Park Rangers. 718-967-3542
· Coast Guard Appreciation Day. Intrepid, Sea, Air & Space Museum. 212-245-0072
· Flea Market. St. Margaret Mary’s Community Theater. 347-552-2500

St. George Theatre Free Classes for Kids Ages 9-18!

From the Staten Island Advance, July 29, 2010:

STATEN ISLAND, NY – ST. GEORGE – If you’re between the ages of 9 and 18 and like to dance, the St. George Theatre is the place to be starting Monday through Aug. 13. The restored movie house is reprising its educational “Outreach Program” – a free initiative aimed at children from economically and sociologically disadvantaged homes.

There are just 20 spots left, and theatre owners are eager to fill them.

Classes are offered in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap, street tap, dance history, theatre history, the arts, nutrition, literacy, public speaking, plus preparation for auditions and performance.

A healthy lunch is provided to each participant every day. The program concludes with a performance and awards ceremony.

To apply, come to the theatre at 35 Hyatt St., where you will be interviewed and complete an application.

For more information, call 718-442-2900 tomorrow between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Free Event at Ft. Wadsworth – S.I. Philharmonic and “Moby Dick” Reading

Staten Island OutLOUD presents their annual community reading from “Moby Dick”, Herman Melville’s haunting classic, Saturday July 31, 6:30pm at Fort Wadsworth’s scenic Harbor Overlook. Music by the Staten Island Philharmonic Orchestra.

Enter thru guard station at Bay St & School Rd (near Verazanno Bridge) Fort Wadsworth’s high bluff is cooled by fresh sea breezes, even on a warm night. “Moby Dick” takes place rain or shine (if it rains, they have a comfy indoor location). This event is great for all ages. Bring the family! Bring friends! Free! BRING A LAWNCHAIR! This event made possible in part by a 2010 Creative Communities Award from the Council on the Arts & Humanities for Staten Island, with public funding by the New York State Council on the Arts.

A Letter from Joel Klein to Parents of Standardized Assessment Students

Dear Parent or Guardian:

As you may know, the State earlier this week released the results of the annual New York State math and English Language Arts (ELA) exams for students in grades three through eight.

I am sure you are anxious to see your child’s results. In the fall, all families will receive individualized reports from the State with their child’s test scores. This report will help you understand areas where your child needs work and will show you how your child is doing compared to other students.

Additionally, if your child was not promoted to the next grade in June and is currently enrolled in summer school, you will receive a letter later this week letting you know if your child still needs to take the citywide ELA and math exams in August. This decision will be based on your child’s final State test scores. If we had today’s State test results at the time summer school decisions had to be made, additional students would have qualified for summer school. Since these results were not available in time to place these students in summer school, they will instead receive additional support during the school year to ensure they master the content and skills necessary to succeed in their current grades.

If you prefer to get your child’s scores in advance of the start of school, we are making scores available to parents online. Beginning Monday, August 16, you will be able to access your child’s test scores through the DOE’s ARIS Parent Link website, which provides personalized student data.

  • If you have visited the site before, or if you have your child’s student ID number and a temporary password, go to to log in. Once there, click on your child’s student profile to see your child’s results on the 2010 State tests.
  • If you do not currently have ARIS access, see the end of this letter for more details.

As you know, we have made dramatic progress over the last several years. But this year, the State changed the way the tests were graded. As you may have heard, the State now holds students to a considerably higher bar compared to previous years. As a result, a score that last year was high enough to earn a rating of 3, or “proficient,” may only have earned a rating of 2, or “basic,” this year. The tougher grading system resulted in a significant drop in overall ratings across the entire State and here in the City. However, despite the drop in overall ratings, our students this year generally earned ELA and math scores that were consistent with last year’s results and, in some cases, were even better than last year.

Mayor Bloomberg and I applaud the State’s effort to continue to raise the bar and set higher standards for our students. Earlier this month, the State adopted new national Common Core standards, which will begin to influence what’s taught in schools. These standards will introduce more writing, problem solving, and critical thinking and help teachers and principals better connect learning across different subject areas and grade levels. Principals and teachers this summer are already working together to map out how these new standards will begin to affect their work with your child next year.

I expect each school in the City to analyze closely the State exam results and make the appropriate adjustments to curriculum and supports for students so that they can reach and eventually exceed these higher standards. I also expect each school to work with you and your child to identify areas of proficiency and strength, and areas that require extra support and attention.

Make no mistake about it—we have already made tremendous progress, but we realize we must do even better. We will not give up until every child is receiving a high-quality education and until every graduating student is ready for college or a career. Looking back, and looking ahead, I’ve never been more hopeful that we can reach this goal.


Joel I. Klein

Instructions for accessing ARIS Parent Link if you do not have your login information:
Your child’s school can provide this information to you in September, or schools that are open over the summer are able to provide you with your login information now. In addition, during the week of August 16, you can visit a location in each borough to get your ARIS Parent Link login information. Beginning Monday, August 2, specific locations will be posted at Please note that because ARIS Parent Link contains confidential student information, you will need to provide a photo ID to receive login information.

Invitation to Comment on the Preliminary Draft of New York State Teaching Standards

Link to: NYSED

This is an invitation to comment on the preliminary draft of N.Y.S. Teaching Standards. When final standards are approved by the Board of Regents they will be used to inform state teacher preparation programs, the development of performance based assessments for initial and professional certification for classroom teachers, revision of the annual professional performance review (APPR) for teachers, teacher professional development plans and the creation of a teacher career ladder.

In May, at the direction of the Board of Regents, the State Education Department formed a Teaching Standards Workgroup whose charge was to develop a preliminary draft of Teaching Standards for New York State. The Teaching Standards Workgroup is composed of representatives from over 22 stakeholder groups with a common commitment to improve student learning through the development and support of all N.Y.S. teachers. The department is posting the Preliminary Draft of New York State Teaching Standards PDF Document (91.20 KB) , prepared by the Teaching Standards Workgroup for public comment.

Things to Do in Staten Island – Saturday & Sunday, July 24 & 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

  • Breakfast with the Beasts. Staten Island Zoo. 718-442-3010
  •  Forest Fairy Tales. Greenbelt Nature Center. 718-351-3450
  • S.I. Fresh Kills Tour/Explorer Program. Fresh Kills Landfill/UPR.
  • Life in the Pond. Clay Pit Ponds. 718-605-3970
  • Liberian Poetry and open mic. Tappan Park. 718-907-0709

Sunday, July 25, 2010

  • Kayaking. South Beach, End of Boardwalk. Parking Lot #1.  
  • Battery Weed Open House. Fort Wadsworth -GNRA. 718-354-4500
  • Marine Invaders. Great Kills Park – GNRA. 718-987-6790
  • Canoeing Basics – Explorer Program. Wolfe’s Pond Park – Urban Park Rangers. 718-967-3542
  • Hoo, Hoo, Who…Did I Eat? Greenbelt Nature Center. 718-351-3450