December PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2007 Officers present:  Siri Kagan, Laura Strohm, Ida Gilman 

Treasurer’s Report: not yet complete- will be available at the next PTA meeting.

Holiday Fair was successful- approximately $2,000.00 made- to go towards the spring Carnival

Cookie dough Sales- approximately $2000.00 

Year Book:  we are collecting pictures.  The issue is how we will pay for it. Possible fundraisers: School T- shirtsRequest for $5.00 per family to put on School CarnivalCall other schools re: yearbook prices and company used.  Color vs. black & white?We are looking for a Chairperson for the Year Book Committee. 

Overcrowding letter- see attached. We need to be at these meetings with Bonnie Brown regarding district 75 space issues.Press Conference- the tentative date is January 11, 2008.Advocates for children are a pro bono group who we can contact to help us sue the DOE if needed. 

Speaker: Joan McKeever-Thomas:   what else we can do regarding Over Crowding 

Speaker: Kristy Rosen :   School Carnival  Last year, the cost was approximately $3000.00.  Our rides are already booked- $2000.00.  This year the rides will be here for 3 or 4 hours.  We will consider adding rides.  Collection from staff- $5.00 will pay for food.  Request $5.00 per family.  EMS, the fire truck and mounted police will be there.   Food cost approximately $1000.00- the staff usually picks up the tab for food.  Prizes- approximately $750.00.  The scheduling worked out well last year.  The mini building, Petrides and PS 58 will have the carnival all AM.  Main building- PM.  Date: May 14, Wednesday.  We are using Mickey’s rides, the staff was great!  We are considering media attention. 

Reminder:  1/26/06 Camp Day for District 75. 

Speaker: Delicia McEvilly: How to Read to your ChildrenTreasure books.  Teach your children to treasure books.  Read to them. Track the words. Sit on the floor.  Bring the child close to you.  This should be a quiet, intimate time.  Be a story teller, you don’t always have to read the words.  See handouts- attached. 

Next meeting on Thursday, 1/17/08 @ 9:30AM at PS58.

(SLT meeting, same day @ 11:30AM at main site.)

Respectfully submitted by Laura Strohm, PTA secretary

P.S. 373 Thank You Letters to Teddy Atlas: Christmas 2007!

Following are copies of the THANK YOU CARDS that the children and teachers from P.S. 373R sent to Teddy Atlas to thank him for bringing Santa and his big bag of presents to all the kids at our school. WE LOVE YOU TEDDY!

From Ms. Randi Termo’s Kindergarten Class (Kim Denora – Para):

Dear Teddy Atlas and friends: Thank you so much. Your efforts are much appreciated. You have a great heart. Our children are so happy because of your visit. From, Justin, Luis, Alvin, Joseph and Lianne

From Ms. Michelle Ruggiero’s Class:

Dear Teddy Atlas, Thank you for the surprise. Happy New Year. Thank you for a Merry Christmas and a Holiday. Love Tyrell

Dear Teddy Atlas, Thank you for the presents and happy new year and your reindeer. Love Oche P.S. Dress like a bunny in April.

Dear Teddy Atlas, Thank you for the toys. and thank you for the reindeer. From Justin P.S. Do you think the Easter bunny will come?

From Annette Madino’s Class:

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the arrival of Santa. You are cool. Tell Santa I said What’s up. From Tyler P.S. Thank you for the toys Santa.

Dear Teddy, I hope you visit again next year. I liked the motorcycle. I played with it. From James

Dear Teddy, Thank you for bringing toys to our school I play with it and I liked the motorcycle. Thank you.

Dear Teddy, Thank you so much for bringing presents to our school. I love my present. It was a motorcycle. It was so much fun. I played with it with my wrestling toys. Thanks for the present. I liked it so much. We hope you visit next year. We hope you’ll get more presents next year. From Besim

Dear Teddy, Thanks for the wonderful gift that you gave me I hope Santa makes it to my house. Can you tell Santa that I said Hi. I really enjoyed the play dough that Santa gave me. I hope you and Mr. C. can come next year. From Destiny P.S. Have a Merry Christmas Mr. C. and Teddy!!

Dear Teddy, I love my motorcycle. Thank you for bringing my gift and Santa to my school. I hope you had a good Christmas and I hope you come back. An tell Santa I said Merry Christmas. Thank you, Devine HO HO HO

Dear Teddy, Thank you for bringin Santa over to my school. I liked the present that I got from Santa and I hope you come again next year. When you do, I hope it is on Christmas. From Robert C.

Dear Teddy, I like the present you brought me. I was hoping that it would be a wrestler I wanted. Matt Hardy. But thank you for the motorcycle. From Dwayne

From Dana Glennerster’s Class:

Dear Teddy, Thank you for making our Holidays that much more special! Love, Drew, Rasheed, Kyrillos, Rachel, Fiona, Damien, Ms. Dana, Ms. Diane, Ms. Mary, Mr. Patrick, Mr. Ralph

From Jennifer Cordero’s 3rd and 4th Grade Class (Para’s Judith and Jovita):

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the teddy bear. Love, Ana M.

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the toy truck. Love, Michael L.

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the toy truck. Love, Julian C.

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the present was a toy truck. Love, Michael Y.

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the toy truck. Love Tyler J.

Dear Teddy, Thank you for the toy truck. Love Isaiah B.

From Teresa Caputo’s 2nd and 3rd Grade Class:

Dear Teddy, Thank you for my car. Thank you for bringing Santa Claus to us. Sincerely, Thomas

Dear Mr. Atlas, Thank you for giving us the presents and for coming to our school P.S. 373. From Kyrin

Dear Teddy, Thank you for my car. Thank you for bringing Santa Clause. Sincerely, Luis Z.

Dear Teddy, Thank you for my car. Sincerely, Ricky

Dear Teddy, Thank you for my car, playdoh. Thank you for bringing Santa Clause to us. Sincerely, Veronica

Dear Teddy, I love my car. Sincerely, Paul

Dear Teddy, Thank you for bringing me the toy car. Love, Michael M.

From Nancy Hansen’s Kindergarten Class:

Dear Teddy, Thank you very much for the FUN holiday gifts. We love making pictures with our markers and crayons. Have a wonderful holiday and a healthy and happy new year!! Holiday hugs and kisses, Maynard, Michael, Eric, Alexa and Brandon

From Annette Panteli’s Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Class:

Dear Mr. Atlas, Thank you for giving us the presents and for coming to our school P.S. 373R. From Rashawn

Dear Mr. Atlas, Thank you for giving us the presents and for coming to our school, P.S. 373. From Angel H.

Dear Mr. Atlas, Thank you for giving us the presents and for coming to our school P.S. 373R. From Joe C.

Dear Mr. Atlas, Thank you for giving us the presents and for coming to our school P.S. 373. From Kasim A.

From Judy Sullivan’s Class:

Dear Teddy, Please thank Santa for my truck. Quashawn

Dear Mr. Teddy, Thank Santa for giving me that truck. Love, Ryan

Dear Mr. Teddy, Thank Santa Claus for giving me the truck. Love, James

Dear Mr. Teddy, Thank Santa for giving me that truck. Love, Ahmed

Dear Mr. Teddy, Thank Santa Claus for my dolls. Love, Tiffany

Dear Mr. Teddy, Thank you for the truck. Love, Mark

From Analia Gerard’s Class (At P.S. 58) :

Dear Teddy Atlas, We loved our holiday Party. From, Nicholas L., Nickolena, Nicholas B., Nicholas D.

From P.S. 373R (at P.S. 58):

Dear Teddy Atlas Foundation, Thank you so much for all the donations. Santa visited our school. We had a great time and we love ALL the gifts he have us. We promise to be good and hope to see him again next year. Love, Shawnna, Stefan, Michael, Joe E., Joseph, Matthew, Ethan, Christina, Mona, Jianna, Michael B. and  Savannah

NY1 News Covers the Santa and Teddy Atlas Visit at the Main Site


Teddy Atlas, trainer for the N.Y. Jets and for Mike Tyson, brought Santa to our Main Site for a wonderful Holiday visit. Teddy brought Santa (Family Court Judge Brennan), Nabate Isles (Manhattan Trumpeter and Composer), a representative from Councilman Michael McMahon’s office and Tara Lynn Wagner from NY1 News.

All of our children received presents from the Teddy Atlas Foundation. We were so happy to welcome such a warm heart to our school. Special thanks to Kathy Zito of P.S. 35 who got the presents, wrapped them and organized them according to class. It was a mountain of work which was truly appreciated by the P.S. 373 family.

Click here for the NY1 News story about our school: 

List of FOOD PANTRIES in Staten Island


Following are a list of all the food pantries in Staten Island. They are especially in need of donations at this time of year. (Although they accept donations throughout the year.) You may contact them for any reason.

All Saints Church Episcopal Ministry
Victory Boulevard
Willowbrook 10314
718 698-1338
Good Counsel Homes
38 Wiman Place
Clifton/Rosebank 10305
718 727-8266
Christian Pentecostal Church
Richmond Road
Emerson Hill 10304
718 273-5850
Immaculate Conception Pantry
Targee St
park Hill 10304
718 447-2165
Council of Jewish Organizations
of Staten Island
984 Post Avenue
Port Richmond 10302
718 720-4047
Lighthouse Tabernacle Good
Samaritan Outreach Food Ministry
Brighton Avenue
New Brighton 10301
718 442-4624


Mesivtha of Staten Island
Drumgoole Road East
Bloomingdale 10309
718 356-5412


First United Christian Church
Victory Blvd
Tompkinsville 10301
718 420-1683

New Direction Services
1027 Post Avenue
Port Richmond 10302
718 447-3786


Holiday Events at PS 373


Next week we are having a number of special holiday events at our school. We are pleased to announce that the Teddy Atlas Fund has chosen us to be the recipient of a grant which will provide a wrapped holiday present for each of our students. Santa Claus will be handing out the presents for the kids at 91 Henderson on Tuesday, December 18th starting at 9:00 a.m. There may be some special guests to help spread the holiday cheer.

Santa will also be coming to the P.S. 58 site on Tuesday also. They will start their festivities at 9:20 and it will go until 11:20 a.m. If you are interested in volunteering, call Kirsten Rorke @ (718) 816-8897.

Santa will be coming to the Petrides “J” building on Wednesday, December 19th. Every child will get a photo with Santa, a free arts and crafts frame, and a present. If you are interested in volunteering please call Kirsten at the number above.

FAMILIES: Guardianship and Special Needs Trust for your Child

The Citywide Council on Special Education presents Dr. Margaret M. Flint, Executive Director of John Jay Legal Services, Pace University who will speak at the CCSE Public Meeting this December 19th at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at P.S. 371K – Lillian L. Rashkis School, 355-37th Street, in Brooklyn.

Dr. Flint will be discussing plans for the future of your special needs child. For example, who will care for your child and know his/her Special Needs? How will you plan for your child’s future and quality of life? Dr. Flint will lead the discussion on guardianship.

Any questions? Contact the CCSE (718) 752-7393.

Is Behavior a Problem with your Child? Learn More…..


Learn to understand your son or daughter’s behavior. YAI/National Institute  for People with Disabilities has a FREE FAMILY TRAINING PROGRAM. There is a six week course to help your family cope and understand why certain problems arise and reoccur over time. (On a personal note – I took this course to help me with my 7 year old son and it really changed our family for the better.) The course will be given at the main site at PS 373R in Staten Island (91 Henderson Avenue) and is open to any parent or guardian of a child with a disability.

Call Kristi Hickey-Vigilante at Project Grow. (718) 793-2182 ext. 201 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.