On-Line Basic Course on the Greenspan Floortime Approach

Available: a Basic Course on the Greenspan Floortime Approach, taught through video tapes by child psychiatrist Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D. This annual conference will be available for a ten-week period, from March 4 to May 16, 2011. It features an overview of Floortime and the DIR Model and focuses on assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for developmental and learning disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In addition to the Basic Course, four concurrent workshops, also taught by Dr. Greenspan as well as Rosemary Whit, OTR/L, will be available online during the same period.


The course will be offered online, allowing participants to partake from the comfort of their own home. There is series of 15 video lectures, which are approximately one hour each. Participants can view the segments sequentially at their own pace, any time during the ten week period that the course is offered. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to interact with other parents and professionals from around the world through an interactive bulletin board.

For more information on the course and workshops, visit www.stanleygreenspan.com .

Sleep Study Survey for Main Caregivers of Children with PDD/ASD

A doctoral candidate at the Univ. of Texas-Austin is conducting a SURVEY study about SLEEP. If you are the main caregiver of a child with PDD/ASD, ages 4 to 12 years, you may be qualified to take part. You’ll be asked to fill out 3 questionnaires and to record your child sleep and behaviors.

To appreciate your contribution to the study, a $33 check will be offered for each qualified child.

For more details, please contact the primary researcher, CJ, first. The study flyer link @ Autism Speaks Web and the official UT-Austin IRB-approved consent document will be sent to you BEFORE your decision of the participation.

Thankfully & Respectfully,

CJ Chiang

512-426-2023 AutismSleep@gmail.com

Sibling Day at the YAI Conference: May 5, 2011

Don’t miss an entire day of sessions devoted to important topics for siblings of people with developmental disabilities:

  1. Wills, Trusts and Guardianship: What Every Family Member of a Person with a Disability Should Know about Future Care Planning
    Roberta Koenigsberg, Esq., Sr. Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance at
    YAI, moderates a panel of experts. (Session #89)

  2. Financial Strategies to Protect Your Family Member with a Disability
    Roberta Koenigsberg, Esq., Sr. Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance at
    YAI, moderates a panel of experts. (Session #94)

  3. What Siblings Want Service Providers and Parents to Know
    Emily Holl, YAI Network; Katie Arnold, University of Illinois, Chicago; John Kramer, Ph.D., Institute for Community Inclusion, UMass; Delilah
    Brewer-Picart, SecurUs Tek and their siblings share needs, concerns and ideas for a bright future. (Session #99)

  4. Sibling Days: Repeated Opportunities for Interactions by Siblings of Students with Autism
    Ann Roberts, Ph.D. and Heather Katz, M.Ed., Boston Higashi School describe a
    Sibling Day Program for children who have brothers and sisters on the autism
    spectrum. (Session #105)

  5. Sex and the City for Sibs: How Having a Sibling with a Disability Impacts Choices in Love, Relationships and Starting Families
    Emily Holl, YAI Network; Clare Ferramosca, MS.Ed, BCBA; Mark H. Goldberg, J.D. and Connie Murray, sibsNY, share stories of romance, roadblocks, heartbreak and happiness in the eternal search for long-lasting love. (Session #111)

    The conference will take place at the Hilton New York. To learn more about the conference and to register, visit http://yai.org/conference 
    or contact Tina Sobel at tina.sobel@yai.org.

2011 Willingness to Serve Application for PTA Officer Positions for P.S. 373R



Nominations are being sought for the 2010-2011 PS373R PTA Executive Board.  In order to serve as a PTA Officer, you must be a Parent or Legal Guardian of a child attending this school.  Below, is a short overview of each officer’s duties:  

President: preside over all meetings; coordinate the work of officers and committees.

Vice President: aide to president; fills vacant committee head positions; “Ways & Means”- oversees all PTA fundraising activities, Monitor committee projects.

Treasurer: prepare budget, maintain checkbook and prepare financial reports. An accounting background is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for this position, but not required.

Recording Secretary: take/prepare minutes and collect information for historical files.

Corresponding Secretary: Recording Secretary’s backup, Conducts and maintains a file of all correspondences, sends notices of all meetings, sends letter or cards correspondence to members, coordinates PTA coverage at various events.

PTA Nomination Duties

Nominating Committee: Distributes contest information, collects entries, arranges judging, and informs winners.


GENERAL MEETING, 9:00 A.M being held at the Main Site Auditorium

**Nominations will also be taken off the floor**  

If you should have any questions, please submit them in writing to the attention of the PTA Nominating Committee.


Free Apps for the iPad for Children with Special Needs



For a wonderful article by Alison Swets about using the Apple iPad to help your child with special needs go to: COMPLEX CHILD LINK

Here is a list from that article of some free apps from Apple to download onto your iPad:

  • Dragon Dictation:  Voice recognition app
  • TaptoTalk:  Basic augmentative communication app
  • MyTalkTools Mobile Lite:  Basic augmentative communication app
  • I Hear Ewe:  animal and vehicle sounds app
  • Alphabet Zoo:  Learn letters and letter sounds
  • Make a Word Free:  Phonics-based spelling game
  • Social Skills Sampler HD:  Basic program teaching independent living skills

    Resources for Children with Special Needs – 2010-2011 Summer Camp Directory

    For those of us who couldn’t make it to the wonderful Annual Summer Camp Fair hosted by RSCN – here is the .pdf version of the Camp Directory for Children with Special Needs:

    1. English Version: CAMP DIRECTORY

    2. En Español: Campo de la Guía

    Please link to their website for a wealth of information for children with special needs: http://resourcesnyc.org/

    SI Children’s Museum – February 2011 Fun Activities!

    Staten Island Children’s Museum has some terrific activities planned for February 2011:

    • Saturday, February 12, Noon – 4:00p.m. One Island, Many Stories – Happy 350th Birthday Staten Island! The Happy Birthday Staten Island party will feature colonial games, crafts, food and music. Photograph your kids in colonial garb. Listen as storyteller Bob “Bobaloo” Basey spins tales of Staten Island then and now. Hear the history of our Island unfold in songs performed by Bob Wright, Caroline Cutroneo, Bob Conroy and Bill Doerge. For more information, go to www.si350.org 
    • Sat & Sun, Feb. 5&6th 1, 2, & 3pm – Up for Art Tin Art Reliefs Emboss a design in tin to create a low relief with help from artist Janice Patrignani
    • Monday, February 21st President’s Day Open from 10 a.m.- 5p.m. Northfield Bank Foundation Holiday Cool School Holiday – FREE ADMISSION!
    • Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! Kids cook every Friday.
      Cooking begins at 2, 3 & 4 p.m.
      February 4 – Chocolate Chinese Rabbits
      February 11 – Chocolate Two-Lips
      February 18 – Dutch Treats
      February 25 – Chocolate Coins
    • February 19 & 20 – 26 & 27 ↑4 Art * Sculpture!
      What do you think it takes to make sculpture?
      Join artist Ryan McGivern to find out and then, create one from wood.
      Sat. & Sun., 1, 2 & 3 p.m.

    Go to www.statenislandkids.org or call 718-273-2060 for more information. The Staten Island Children’s Museum is located at Snug Harbor Cultural Center at 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY.