NYU Child Study Center Agrees to Accept Medicaid

NYU has the following information about their new insurance policy at the CSC:

  • They will designate up to 3 out of their 10 providers to accept fee-for-service Medicaid and Child Health Plus (as well as United Health Insurance, which is the plan for NYU employees). 
  • They do not intend to accept any Medicaid managed care plans, so at the moment those individuals will still have to pay out of pocket.
  • There will not be wait lists; patients will be scheduled based on availability of slots, just like cash-paying patients – the length of the wait time for an appointment will depend on the demand and the length of the evaluations (so, if there are 5 one-hour slots and an evaluation takes 2 hours, that’s one less slot for someone else). 
  • The CSC website and phone lines will be changed to reflect the new policy, but NYU will not do additional public outreach on this, so feel free to share this information with others who may be interested.

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