New Yahoo Chat Group “StatenIsland4OurKids”

February 2009


Dear Parents & Staff,

     For those of you whose children/students attend P.S. 25R, P.S. 37R, P.S. 373R and P.S. 721R, you are invited to join our Yahoo Chat group which has been in existence since Sept. 2008.

PS37RInfoExchange has been a sharing of ideas and information which many our staff and parents have come together to see what lies outside the walls of our school regarding the needs of our children. 

     We have been embarking on our technological talents this past semester and hope to further open the lines of communication between staff/parents, parents/parents and staff-parents/ and the world of Developmental Disabilities. Because we have opened this group to our 3 sister schools on Staten Island and have renamed it: StatenIsland4OurKids. This Chat group is listed on “Yahoo Groups.” Below is the description of the group as it is written on the website:


Hello Everyone… The administrations and staff of our 4 District 75 schools, ( P.S. 25R, P.S. 37R, P.S. 373R and P.S. 721R) felt that it would be beneficial and educational for both our parents and staff members to have a means to SHARE information on the latest news and research in the areas of various developmental disabilities. This YAHOO GROUP chat site is designed to be one where we can have an avenue to enlighten, inform and assist all parties concerned with information on the latest medical/health research, educational and behavioral practices, new government policies and the latest news on local and Staten Island based happenings that affect our children! This group is not designed to be a sounding board for any problems that you may face with the NYCDOE. This group is an opportunity for all parties to keep each other informed on the latest research and treatment methodologies. For security purposes, there is a mandatory requirement that all members are to be identified. Enrollment is open to any parent whose child attends a Staten Island, District 75 program within the NYCDOE that has “Blue Card” status, as well as any NYCDOE employee that works within a Special Ed. setting. Anyone outside these parameters that wishes to relate any messages to the group may do so through one of the eligible members.
PLEASE NOTE: NO personal or business related issues are to be discussed here that does not pertain to the subject matter mentioned above. This letter is being sent to all programs within the four Dist. 75 schools on Staten Island. If you have any questions and wish to speak to me directly, you can call me at P.S. 37R at 718-984-9800 or e-mail me at or Here’s wishing us and our children success during this school year!

Bill Devery LCSW
School Social Worker
Moderator / StatenIsland4OurKids

Transition Services for Children with Autism


District 75 OFEA, Resources for Children with Special Needs, & the City council 1 in 150 Services Initiative Presents: “Transition Services for Children with Autism”

The workshop will assist parents and caregivers in understanding the components of transition planning.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 3, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

PS 37R – Auditorium – 15 Fairfield Street, Staten Island, NY 10308 (Between Crobin Avenue and Fairfield Street)

Help Make Libraries More Accessible for People with Disabilities


Dear Parents,

I am working with the New York Public Library (libraries in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island) to make it more welcoming of and accessible to library users with diverse disabilities. As part of this work, I am conducting focus groups and individual interviews (phone, email or in person) with library users with disabilities to learn about their library experiences good and bad and get their recommendations for change.

I will be conducting a focus group at the Mid Manhattan Library (40th and 5th Avenue, Manhattan), next Tuesday, from 2-4 PM and individual interviews for the next several weeks, including phone or email exchanges, if that’s easier.  Input from parents and teachers would be greatly appreciated as long as their children or students use public libraries in the NYPL system.

 I am particularly eager to get input from those who live in Staten Island and those with invisible disabilities (cognitive, emotional, etc.) since both these groups are particularly underrepresented in my work so far, but the input of any library user with a disability would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help with this.


Harilyn Rousso, LCSW

Consultant, NYPL
Director, Disabilities Unlimited
3 East 10th Street, 4B
New York, NY 10003



This is to inform you that the Governor’s 2009-2010 budget proposal introduces legislation that would seriously affect the Early Intervention Program.  These include:
* Co-payments for early intervention services
* Stricter eligibility for children with speech delays
* fees for becoming an approved Early Intervention Provider and fees for Maintaining that approval
* Annual case quotas for individual providers

We feel strongly that this proposal legislation will have a strong impact on citizens of our state.  We urge you to contact your state Senator and Staten Assemblyman to protest the proposed bill (bill A158-A in the Assembly, bill S58-A in the Senate) which is now pending in the State Legislature.

You can find out who your state representatives are, and obtain their contact information by calling 311.  You may also visit the following web sites to obtain that information.

If you wish to review the actual bill, you can do so by going to: and type in the appropriate bill number (A158-A or S58-A)

Information on Inclusion Classes!

“Supporting Student & Families” is an all-day workshop scheduled for March 12 at 400 First Avenue, NY, NY. Least Restrictive Environment & the current models of inclusion in NYC will be included. Life space & life span considerations will form the basis of an investigation into articulation of students.

If you would like to attend, please contact Leslie Redding at 212-802-1519.

Special Needs “Drama 4 All” at the JCC! Open to All Children with Autism Ages 6-14

The Joan & Alan Bernikow JCC on Manor Road is sponsoring a FREE Music, Movement and Art Program for children with Autism AGES 6-14!

Thursdays beginning March 5, 2009 from 4-5:30 p.m. *12 Week Program

This exciting new program fully funded by HEAD ON Foundation will provide children with Autism an opportunity to improve social skills through the use of dramatic play. FINAL PERFORMANCE!

For further information please call (718) 475-5286