New York State’s Board of Regents Votes to Ease Graduation Regulations for Students with IEPs

From the New York Times

Fewer Hurdles to Graduation for Disabled Students in New York

The Board of Regents, New York State’s highest education authority, voted on Monday to make it easier for some students with disabilities to graduate from high school.

Under a new regulation, students with individualized education plans would need to pass two Regents exams — English and math — rather than five. They would still have to take three other exams, in social studies, science and one optional subject, but if they did not pass, their district superintendent could still grant them a diploma if they demonstrated proficiency in those subjects through coursework. Click here to READ THE REST

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From the New York State Education Department Website

Regents Expand Diploma Opportunities for Students with Disabilities; Action Continues Efforts to Provide Multiple Pathways to Graduation

The New York State Board of Regents today adopted new rules that allow certain students with disabilities to meet the academic requirements to earn a Local Diploma without passing every Regents exam that is otherwise required for graduation. The rules become effective on June 20, making it possible for students with disabilities who are otherwise eligible to graduate, to do so later this month. School superintendents are now required to determine, at the local level, if a student with a disability is eligible for graduation. Click here to READ THE REST