Invitation to Comment on the Preliminary Draft of New York State Teaching Standards

Link to: NYSED

This is an invitation to comment on the preliminary draft of N.Y.S. Teaching Standards. When final standards are approved by the Board of Regents they will be used to inform state teacher preparation programs, the development of performance based assessments for initial and professional certification for classroom teachers, revision of the annual professional performance review (APPR) for teachers, teacher professional development plans and the creation of a teacher career ladder.

In May, at the direction of the Board of Regents, the State Education Department formed a Teaching Standards Workgroup whose charge was to develop a preliminary draft of Teaching Standards for New York State. The Teaching Standards Workgroup is composed of representatives from over 22 stakeholder groups with a common commitment to improve student learning through the development and support of all N.Y.S. teachers. The department is posting the Preliminary Draft of New York State Teaching Standards PDF Document (91.20 KB) , prepared by the Teaching Standards Workgroup for public comment.


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