VSA 2011 Calendar Winners – PS 373R Artists Win July’s Place!

VSA – The International Organization on Arts and Disability announced the winners of the NYC VSA 2011 Calendar.

Thanks to Ms. Elena Seminara our Art Instructor here at PS 373R, our students in Ms. Brassfield’s Class V45 won the July page in the VSA 2011 Calendar. Congratulations!!


The following artworks will be featured in the 2011 VSA Murals Calendar:

MONTH                        TITLE                                       SCHOOL          TEACHER

Cover                Colors of New York City              723X@Tilden     Jimmy Capellan

January             Building New Worlds                    79M                  Rosa Barroso

February           The City That Never Sleeps        75Q                  Leah Lowenstein

March               Spirit of New York                           721Q                Sheryl Golob

April                  The Many Worlds                             195Q CSD         Garvin Chapman

May                  Inside the City: Brooklyn World  370K                 Audrey Lacy

June The Many Worlds of New York City Hospital Schools TA:D. Lukanov

July                  Together We Make One Great City    373R              Elena Seminara

August              NYC: Many Faces, Many Worlds    35M                John DiLorenzo

September        Empire State of Mind                         176X            Cheryl Abramson

October             Shapes and Sounds of New York City    177Q             Gail Keats

November    Enjoying the Many Worlds of NYC  723X@Bivona    Frann Rizzo

December         Small World                                           226M@JREC    Sue Aronson


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