PTA Meeting Minutes

P373 PTA Minutes

DATE: 09/23/10

PLACE: Main Site, 91 Henderson Ave.

First PTA Meeting In attendance – Executive Board, Parents, Principal, 3 APs, Parent Coordinator Joan McKeever-Thomas (19 Total)

  • 6:25 p.m. call to order
  • All executive board members and all attendees introduced themselves.
  • Joan McKeever-Thomas inducted all new members of the PTA
  • Ilene Goldstein-Harnett introduced herself and spoke about her role in the school
  • Kirsten Rorke introduced herself as the parent coordinator
  • By Laws – Dawn Port gave a quick synopsis of by laws and explained. Everyone agreed and motion was approved and all executive board signed the new by laws.
  • Budget/Treasury Report – Martiza Sabato went over proposed budget and treasury report. All approved it.
  • Fundraising events were discussed and explained – K Breakfast, Eating for Education and Fall Catalogues.
  • Ilene, the Principal discussed PAWS and thanked her APs.
  •  Discussed site parent letter of commitment
  • Next meeting will be October 14 at 10:00 am at PS 58
  • Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm

PS 373R PTA Meeting Minutes June 11, 2010

Location: PS373R, Room 208, 91 Henderson Avenue, S.I., NY 10301

Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

Officers Present: John Scarso – President, Laura Strohm – Vice-President, Perian Wise – Secretary, Dawn Port – Vice-President, Jennifer Walsh – Treasurer

Independent Observers: Joan McKeever-Thomas- UFT Parent Liaison, Jeanne Johnson – President of the S.I. Federation of PTAs, Cathy Carlson – Treasurer of the S.I. Federation of PTAs.

Meeting is called to order.

Minutes were approved.

President reminded PTA of Autism Walk – June 13, 2010

Treasurer report approved.

PTA is submitting a survey letter to be distributed to parents for future reference.

There were no additional nominations for the election from the floor.

PTA Election commenced.

PTA Election results for the 2010-2011 school year were:

President –             Dawn Port

Vice-President –    Jennifer Walsh

Secretary –             Peggy Lindsey

Treasurer-             John Scarso

SLT Election commenced.

SLT Election results for the next term starting Fall of 2010:

Maria Cuffaro, John Scarso, Maritza Sabato, Perian Wise, Jennifer Walsh

Meeting Adjourned: 11:00 a.m.

PS 373R May PTA Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2010

Starting Time: 9:00 a.m.

Officers Present: John Scarso -President, Dawn Port – Vice-President, Jen Walsh -Treasurer, Perian Wise – Secretary

Treasurer’s Report distributed. Discussed balance. Made $250 profit at Mother’s Day Plant Sale.

10 tickets left to sell for Baseball Game on Father’s Day.

Collected $885.00 from Parent Donations for the Carnival. 10 Parents volunteered to come to help the school.

Autism Walk June 13th.

Dawn Port discussed donating the 10 extra S.I. Yankee tickets for Father’s Day to the school. The principal will decide how the tickets are given out.

Elections: Laura Strohm discussed elections – perhaps someone can assist Maria Cuffaro with counting the votes. Voted on, motion passed.

Discussed Nominations – Date and Time.

Passed a motion to have one Vice-President.  It will be discussed, at a later date, if another Vice-President is needed. Voting was done and passed.

Meeting adjourned 10:40 a.m.  Next PTA meeting will be Friday, June 11, 2010.

PS373R PTA Minutes April 23, 2010

Start time: 10:30 a.m.

5 Officers present, 3 Parents, 1 Parent Coordinator

  1. Discussed PTA funding and the amount left after programs
  2. Discussed S.I. Yankee tickets & programs that are available for special rates next year – follow up for 2011.
  3. Carnival/Friday, May 21, 2010 – We have 7 volunteers. Plant Sale, May 4, 2010 at Main Site, Petrides and P861 Site.
  4. Autism Walk is June 13, 2010. Sunday in Manhattan. PS 373R group may meet at the ferry.
  5. Nominations for Officers May 1st. new Officers take over July 1, 2010. Discussed having meetings at different sites. Discussed PTA meeting being held at different sites and times all in one month.
  6. Next meeting Tuesday, May 18, 2010 9a.m. at P861 Site.
  7. Discussed having Class Mothers – or to start out with Off-site coordinators to boost participating membership.
  8. Parent Coordinator Kirsten Rorke discussed doing more funding through including any on-line orders which give cash back to our school.
  9. Meeting adjourned 12p.m.


PTA Meeting November 18, 2009 Time: 6:00 P.M. Officers Present John Scarso Dawn Port Jennifer Walsh Perian Wise Parents Present: 4  John, President of the PTA will be picking up a check from McMahon for $1,000.  Laura Strohn, Vice President of the PTA is still working on the Cookie Dough.  Holiday Fair- December 9th, and 10th, 2009. Set up for fair on December 7th, and 8th, 2009. Bikes need to be bought for the fair.  We have 10 volunteers for holiday fair setup and on the day of the holiday fair.  Pass the hat at the holiday show for donations for a trampoline and ballet bars for the mini building.  Next PTA and SLT meeting will be held on December 18, 2009 at the Main Site  at 11 a.m. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 P.M.

October 20, 2009

Officers Present: John Scarso, Dawn Port, Laura Strohm, Jennifer Walsh, Perian Wise

October 20, 2009 Parents Present- 3

Time started: 5:45

  •  Treasurer’s report- money to mini building for gardening.  Discussed money given for technology.
  • Discussed funding for children for socks, sweat pants, and underwear for children who have accidents in school. PTA funded $50.
  •  Blood Drive Thursday, October 29, 2009. Parent teacher conference main and mini building on Thursday, November 5, 2009. Petrides Parent teacher on Thursday, November 17, 2009. Other sites on Tuesday, November, 10, 2009. Half day dismissals for all sites on parent teacher conference days.
  • Food drive for holiday fair on December 9, and 10th, 2009.
  • Picture day for Petrides on  November 16, 2009. Main and mini building on November 17, 2009.
  • Cookie dough deadline on Wednesday, November 4, 2009.
  • Discussed having desserts on teacher recognition day.
  •  New business- Vaccine H1N1. Discussed children in school having vaccine at main site on Monday, November 9, 2009.
  • American Idol dance at all sites.
  • Emergency response team needed for each school. Training with staff at main site on November 3, 2009.
  • Next PTA meeting is on November 18,2009 at 6:00 P.M.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 P.M.

General PTA Meeting9/29/09

Officers Present:

John Scarso, President; Dawn Port 1st VP; Laura Strohm, 2nd VP;  Jen

Walsh, TreasurerIntroductions –Executive Board, general membership in attendance and

Kirsten Rorke, Parent Coordinator

Kirsten Rorke, Parent Coordinator discussed the PS373 Website and

offered her assistance to all families.  She communicates via the

website, email, the PS373 newsletter and flyers that go home in the

children’s backpacks.  You can also reach her by telephone.

What does the PTA do?

Our PTA runs several fundraisers and all money raised goes to the

children.  We fund a good portion of the school Carnival each May.  We

run the Holiday Fair where our children can purchase reasonably priced

items for their loved ones.  We also hold a Plant Sale in May where the

children can purchase small plants for Mother’s Day.  When asked, we

may fund small programs, provide backpacks or even new shoes for

children in need.  We purchased our own copier last year to cut back on

costs related to using Staples or Kinko’s.

We really need help to set up, clean up and put on the Holiday Fair. 

If you cannot come to the meetings, please call john or Dawn to offer

your assistance.  Thank you.

2009-2010 PTA Projected Budget:  see attached

All projected amounts are based on last year’s income and expenses.

Jen Walsh made a motion to pass the budget, secon

ded by Laura Strohm.

The projected budget was passed.

Our next PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 27th at 6PM at 91

Henderson Avenue.

Holiday Fair Dates- December 9 and 10th (Wednesday and Thursday).

If there is much interest we will consider evening hours.

PS58 parents complained that they were not getting any information from

the teachers since school started.  One parent asked if she could join

the PS58 PTA and was told “No, you are from PS373.”

Advice from Kirsten Rorke:  Keep a copy of your child’s IEP. 

Communicate with your teachers.  Know if your child is getting his

services.  RSA’s will be provided when needed.  Call Kirsten if you

need help getting information or RSA’s.  Call Kirsten with busing


Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up, where you can meet with your

teacher’s and service providers.  Kirsten is in the process of planning

a Meet and Greet at PS58, to bring parents and teachers together.

New Business:

Question:  What is the job of a Para?

Answer:   The para assists in teaching, while promoting independence.

Complaint:  Some paras are leaving at 2:30 PM.  Kirsten will discuss

with parents further and assist.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30PM.

 General PTA Meeting January 15, 2009


Carnival planning:  Christy will present cost breakdown at our 2/26 meeting.  The carnival will be in May, but no date selected as of yet.


Kirsten Rorke, Parent Coordinator discussed a new after school sports program called Champs to accommodate 15-20 of our behavior students.  We received a grant for the program, but we are having difficulty getting the bus company to accommodate us with later busing.   We may initiate a parent letter writing campaign.


New DOE policy for mini buses:  Every year parents must reapply for a mini bus.  The medical form must say that putting the child on a large bus would be severely detrimental.  Letters and forms will be sent home with the children.  Please take care of this at your annual IEP meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:  In Sept’08, we began the year with $4051.69.  As of today, we have $5621.12.  Mike Mc Mahon‘s promised $1000 was received.  It has not yet been deposited. 

Additional expense- we are now paying for copies at Kinkos.


Plant Fair:  We may have a plant sale in May- unsure of whether it would be a fundraiser or we would sell plants for cost.  Planning will begin in March when John Scarso and Jen Walsh will go to Gerardi’s Market to discuss plant fair. 


Carnival:  How much will PTA give?  Last year we contributed $2500.00.


The parent coordinator’s got $500 to do something for Mom’s day.  Discussion of how to use this money ensued.  Nothing was decided upon. 


Newsletter:  We plan to put in our next newsletter that there will be a parent/ translator at our meetings, to bring in more Spanish speaking parents.    We will also be requesting volunteers for the plant sale, as well as other PTA needs.


Meeting adjourned at 12:15PM.

General PTA Meeting- Dec 18,2008




PS 58 pre K show is tomorrow, Santa will visit.

Teddy Atlas Foundation is providing gifts for all our children.

Monday- Holiday show in mini building

                Power of Choice bowling

Door decorating contest- vote on line.


Food Drive was a success.  Food given to St Michaels Church/ Teddy Atlas Food Pantry.


YAI Workshop/ Project Grow starts in Jan’09.


Photo Retake Day is Jan 13, 1009.


Christy Rosen spoke on the school carnival- upcoming event preparation.


Fundraising ideas discussed.


After school program update:  Pat Miller is assisting us in contacting out local and state elected officials for support.


Dawn Port was nominated for PTA Vice President, no one opposed.  Congratulations to our new PTA Vice President!

 Next PTA meeting: 1/15/09.

General PTA Meeting


The reading of the September minutes was waived.

Treasurer’s Report:  passed

Opening Balance: $4104.42  (9/15/08)

Closing Balance:   $3499.68  (10/15/08)

Announcements:  Kirsten Rorke, Parent Coordinator

We have a position open for an Assistant Principal.  The C30 committee

will convene on 10/23 at 4PM.  There will be 4 parents on the

committee- John Scarso, Jen Walsh, Perianne wise and Laura Strohm,

Picture Day:    PS 58 children to take pictures with PS 58.

                        J building- Mon 11/24

                        Main-Tues 11/25

10/23/08  Dr Mevs will be at the main site to speak with parents and

answer any questions at 10AM until 12N.

Bake Sale to fund the Power of Choice- 10/22 and 10/23 at the main site.

10/28 Tuesday Parent Support Group at the main site 10AM-spanish speaking and 10:30AM will open up to English speaking. A translator will be there to benefit the

entire group.

Mexican Day of the Dead- 10/26, Cromwell Center Oct. 26, Sunday 11AM -4PM Please come, lots of


District (31) Family Day: 10/30 at 9AM at Petrides. The topic is

SAFETY.  All are welcome. Starting in November, Districts 31 and 75 will join together for

District Family Day!

11/18 J building on Parent teacher Conference Day from 12:30 to 1:30

the Assistant Principal, Danielle Simeole will discuss the curriculum

and the Power of Choice program.  At this time, you may also meet the


Please be aware that you can arrange to meet with your child’s teacher

at any time.  You can make an appointment during the teacher’s prep

time by calling the school or Kirsten Rorke, our Parent Coordinator can

arrange a time for you.

Siri Kagan announced that at 7PM on 10/23, there will be a forum on

School Government at IS 72.  The Deputy Mayor, Betsy Gotbaum and NY1

among others will be there.

Old Business:

The Cook Shop Program will be conducted in the mini building this year

instead of the J building.

The PTA has a Vice President position open, please consider getting

more involved in your PTA,

Cookie dough money due on 11/7/08.  Cookie dough delivery is on

Wednesday, 12/10 at 9AM.  Volunteers needed.  Please call Laura Strohm

at 718 431 4719 to help out on that day.  Thank you to those that

already volunteered their time and help.

Backpack give away is still underway.

Teddy Atlas Foundation provides Christmas gifts to all of our children at Christmas time.

Our food drive will benefit the Teddy Atlas Foundation food pantry this


We are working on an after school program at the main site, we are

looking for a grant to fund it.

T Shirt Committee- we need to raise funds to pay for the T-shirts. 

Please contact John Scarso or Kirsten Rorke if you know any business

that may be able to make a donation. Kirsten: (718) 816-8897 ext. 210

The PTA by laws will be presented for all to review at our next PTA



The dates of the Holiday Fair are Wed and Thurs, 12/3 and 12/4.

Set up is at 9AM, doors open 10AM to 2PM and 5PM to 7PM on Wed and

10AM to 2PM on Thursday.  Please sign up to volunteer, call John Scarso

718 986 8856. We need donations for baskets, white eleephant table, bake table and

more! We are looking into a company that will come in and bring the items to

sell, and then take away what is left over and then we will pay only

for the items that sell.  This Fair is for our children, so they may

shop for the people they love.   Please participate and help your PTA


Next PTA meeting will be on 11/20, at PS 58 at 9:30AM.





General PTA Meeting



Introduction of our new principal- Ilene Goldstein Harnett.


Introduction of 2008-09 PTA Executive Board:

     John Scarso, President

     Jennifer Walsh, Treasurer

     Laura Strohm, Recording Secretary

     Perianne Wise, Corresponding Secretary 

Treasurer’s Report- see attached

     Opening Balance: $4,136.09  (8/15/08)

     Closing Balance:  $4,023.94   (9/15/08)


New SLT Members 2008-09- Perianne Wise and Jen Walsh


Due to the chaos of having both parents and children to the PTA meeting for a pizza party, this will not be done in the future.


PTA Meeting Minutes

Feb 28, 2008


Officer’s present: Siri Kagan, Ida Gilman and Laura Strohm


Refrigerator Magnet template was shared.


Next Press Conference April 11, 2008


Reading of the January PTA minutes was waived and a copy passed around for review.


Treasurer’s Report:  see attached Opening Balance: $5,173.59 (1/15/08)

                                                     Closing Balance:  $4986.55 (2/27/08)


PTA Vice President Election:  Anyone could run for this office.  John Scarso was nominated.  No opposition.  Congratulations to John as the new PTA VP!


Albany Lobby Day was this past Tuesday.  Siri attended.


March 19, Thursday at 4PM:  Rally sponsored by the UFT to be held at City Hall

Free round trip bus from SI.   Contact Siri for information. 


New Schools opening up:


  1.  IS/HS 15- behind the mall

      6th through 12th grade will have  approx  96 seats for D75 kids.


  1. PS 44   in Mariner’s Harbor to open in Sept’08

6 classes for D75  (PS 373 and Hungerford, both) 


  1. Charter school slated to open in Sept’09 Named for the late John Lavelle

Academically oriented for D75 and D31 children with behavioral problems and learning disabilities.  6th to 12th grade, 15 kids per class, 5 classes per grade.  Located at the old Seaview Hospital site- Brielle Avenue.


  1. Charter school at Mount Loretto in the new CYO building slated to open Sept’09. 

       Serving autistic children from 6th to 12th grade. 


  1. Early childhood learning center- Pre K and K.  Two classes for D 75.


Announcements:  handouts attached

 Next overcrowding planning meeting is 3/5

 2/29 Autism Awareness Forum at Mount Loretto

 3/4 6-8PM and 3/12 10AM to 12N Lindamood-Bell workshop

 3/19 City Hall rally against budget cuts

 3/15 Saturday 9:30-11:30 AM Agency Resource Fair at PS 37

May 23, 2008 PS 373 Spring Carnival at main site

3/20 10-11AM Easter party at main site

6/13 Film Festival at main site

Saturday, April 5th 10AM to 2PM EPIC Conference at P79M  55 East 120th Street

Friday 4/11 11AM to Noon Press conference at main site



Sonja Bushey reported on a Grant Writing workshop she attended.  Our biggest issue is that we have no After School Programs; we could consider requesting grant money to put one in place.


Guest Speaker- Tony Calabrese from Met Life spoke about estate planning for special needs children.  Call Tony to set up an appointment.   (718) 966-3281 or



Respectfully submitted by Laura Strohm, PTA Secretary 


PTA MinutesJan 17, 2008 Officers present: Siri Kagan, Ida Gilman, Laura StrohmDecember minutes were passed around.Treasurer’s Report:   see attachment.     Opening Balance: $5,783.38 (11/15/07)                                                                 Closing Balance:  $5,173.59 (1/15/08)







  • Interim PA Financial Report reviewed- see attachment

  • Valentine Craft Vote: PTA to pay for and help children make craft.  The valentine craft was well received last year.  Vote for “I Love You Heart.”  A motion was made by Siri Kagan, seconded by Laura Strohm- motion passed to provide $160.00 for Valentine Craft.

  • A motion was made by Siri Kagan to purchase 2 tickets for the Grace Foundation Crop for Autism, seconded by Laura Strohm, motion passed.  The tickets will be raffled off to the teachers.  ($120.00)

  • Carnival:  May 14, 2008   PTA to send solicitation letter for $5.00 per family to generate income for the carnival.

  • Federation for PTA’s is selling $5 boosters toward their scholarship and awards ceremony.  Consider purchasing one towards this cause prior to April.  Flyers will be sent home with the children. 

  • $150.00 Federation dues to be paid for this year.

  • The purchase of a copier was considered for PTA use.  Much opposition was expressed.  Will revisit when we have actual cost information. 

  • Motion made by Kirsten Rorke to purchase a digital camera for PTA.  We have a new bulletin board where pictures can be displayed.  $200.00 motion passed – there was no opposition.

  • A proposal to purchase magnetic business cards with PTA & PS373 website info for $120.00.  Motion passed.  No oppositi

  • Announcements:

  • Women’s Health Day 1/29 at IBR, A nurse practitioner to come and speak at 10AM.

  • Rise and Shine with Martine (parent coordinator for NYC) 1/24 anyone with issues?  Overcrowding and bussing to be brought up.

  • Camp Day is this Saturday!  If you want to carpool, call Siri!

  • School Governance Forum with Randi Weingarten 1/17@ 7PM. 

  • Free Yoga 1/22 at the main site.

  • Lobby Day in Albany 2/12.  All 3 meals provided.  Talk to Siri if interested.

  • Weekly overcrowding planning meetings are being held- next 1/24 @1PM @ main site.

  • Federation Special Education Committee workshop/ meeting- Monday 1/28@ 930AM.

  • Overcrowding Press conference 2/8 @11AM 

  • CCSE put us in their priority list for consideration in the 2009 budget.

  • SI Advance does not have an education writer.  The PTA Federation is pushing for this.  The editor is considering hiring someone.  Email campaign-  MargeHack is the city editor at the SI Advance.  WE have too many critical issues not to have an education writer!  Please send your email to the above address.

  • CCSE opening- (city wide council special education committee SI CEC has 2 openings- See Siri if interested.

  • Speaker:  Jackie Tripodi of Parent to Parent NYS- handouts available or go to;

Meeting adjourned at 11AM Next meeting on Thursday, 2/28. Respectfully submitted by Laura Strohm, PTA  

PTA Meeting Minutes

December 20, 2007 Officers present:  Siri Kagan, Laura Strohm, Ida Gilman Treasurer’s Report: not yet complete- will be available at the next PTA meeting.Holiday Fair was successful- approximately $2,000.00 made- to go towards the spring CarnivalCookie dough Sales- approximately $2000.00 Year Book:  we are collecting pictures.  The issue is how we will pay for it. Possible fundraisers: School T- shirtsRequest for $5.00 per family to put on School CarnivalCall other schools re: yearbook prices and company used.  Color vs. black & white?We are looking for a Chairperson for the Year Book Committee. Overcrowding letter- see attached. We need to be at these meetings with Bonnie Brown regarding district 75 space issues.Press Conference- the tentative date is January 11, 2008.Advocates for children are a pro bono group who we can contact to help us sue the DOE if needed. Speaker: Joan McKeever-Thomas:   what else we can do regarding Over Crowding Speaker: Kristy Rosen :   School Carnival  Last year, the cost was approximately $3000.00.  Our rides are already booked- $2000.00.  This year the rides will be here for 3 or 4 hours.  We will consider adding rides.  Collection from staff- $5.00 will pay for food.  Request $5.00 per family.  EMS, the fire truck and mounted police will be there.   Food cost approximately $1000.00- the staff usually picks up the tab for food.  Prizes- approximately $750.00.  The scheduling worked out well last year.  The mini building, Petrides and PS 58 will have the carnival all AM.  Main building- PM.  Date: May 14, Wednesday.  We are using Mickey’s rides, the staff was great!  We are considering media attention. Reminder:  1/26/06 Camp Day for District 75. Speaker: Delicia McEvilly: How to Read to your ChildrenTreasure books.  Teach your children to treasure books.  Read to them. Track the words. Sit on the floor.  Bring the child close to you.  This should be a quiet, intimate time.  Be a story teller, you don’t always have to read the words.  See handouts- attached. Next meeting on Thursday, 1/17/08 @ 9:30AM at PS58.(SLT meeting, same day @ 11:30AM at main site.)

Respectfully submitted by Laura Strohm, PTA secretary


PTA General Membership Meeting   11/15/07


Officers Present: Siri Kagan, Ida Gilman and Laura Strohm

PTA members introduced themselves.

Reading of last month’s minutes was waived and a copy was passed around for review.

Treasurer’s Report- read by Ida Gilman, please see attached.


Holiday Fair: Volunteers are needed.  The Fair is 12/4 from 10AM to 1PM and 12/5 from 6 to 7:30 PM.  Last year we had everything donated and this year we are trying a consignment shop.  Whatever we don’t sell, we do not have to pay for.  The next committee meeting is 11/19 @ 9AM at the Main site. 


Picture Day is 11/26.  It is the Monday after the Thanksgiving break.   Class Act Photography.  Do not dress the children in green.  Paperwork is to go home in the backpacks today.  The Petrides’  children will be bussed over to the Main site and then treated to a pizza party for lunch.

Pot Luck dinner tonight.  We will have a jazz band and a karate demonstration. 

Year Book:  We are trying to have a year book for the entire school this year, but thus far there has been little response from the teachers as far as sending in pictures etc.  The year book will be available for purchase at the end of the year.

Camp Day: 1/26/08, Saturday,  11AM to 3PM in NYC .    Information on summer programs for children with disabilities is provided.  See attached.

Overcrowding Issue: Kathleen Grimm says that our proposed addition is being considered for the 2009 budget.   We say this is too late.   We will be presenting our case to Joel Klein, the schools chancellor on 11/26 at 6PM at the Tweed Courthouse at 52 Chambers Street NYC 10007.  Please come and bring large photos of your child!  Please ask friends or relatives who are already in Manhattan to shop up as the larger our representation, the better our point will come across.

Box Tops:  Please send them in as they must be sent in by March’08. Check your expiration dates. 

Box Tops website has stores that give a percentage of your purchase back to the school.

Announcement:   A Poetry society does a reading every 2 months for adults.  They want to donate their November proceeds to us.  Thanks to Kirsten Rorke, our Parent Coordinator.

Meeting adjourned.  Minutes respectfully submitted by Laura Strohm.



10/25/07 @ 9:00 AM



Officers Present:  Siri Kagan, Ida Gilman and Laura Strohm

Parent Coordinator: Kirsten Rorke


PTA members introduced themselves.

Reading of the September minutes were waived, Minutes have been posted on the website.

Ida Gilman read the Treasure’s Report- see attached.

Picture Day is 11/26 at the Main site.  We are using a new photographer this year as we were unhappy with last year’s pictures.  The new photographer is using digital technology.  The Petrides children will be bussed over to the Main site and after pictures will be treated to a pizza party.


Holiday Fair- Ida Gilman, Chair    Days 12/4 and 12/5, Evening 12/5 from 6-8PM

Cookie dough will be delivered on 12/5 and available at the main site for pick up. During Holiday Fair hours.  PTA is asking for donations for the “white elephant” table.   We will be using a consignment shop this year for the first time.  This is a fundraiser.

Suggestions made:  Ask for $1.00donation per child to help us make our baskets.

                                    Assign a particular basket to each grade for donations appropriate for that basket.

We will need help putting baskets together at the Main site before the fair.  (11/30 and 12/3)

Each site will have a Christmas party before the break.


Siri Kagan, PTA President explained how PS 373 is split over 6 sites:  the Main on Henderson Ave, PS 58, Petrides’ J building, RELC, PS 21 and PS 22 inclusion classes.

We like to promote a sense of community for all sites.  The POT LUCK DINNER is Thursday, 11/15 from   6 to 7:30 PM.<spa