The City Speaks – Spring 2012 Issue of Parent Newsletter by D75 Speech-Language Providers

“May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM)”

The American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) has declared the month of May to celebrate better hearing and speech.  This is a great time to consult with your child’s speech and language    therapist. For additional information/ideas for “BHSM” go to 

In this edition of, “The City Speaks” they will address Language and Literacy in the Community. 

When you think of literacy you automatically think of reading books, newspapers or magazines. However, literacy goes way beyond that. Literacy includes the ability to use and understand symbols and signs represented in one’s community and culture. Recognizing everyday landmarks and signs such as the golden arches of McDonalds, a stop sign on the corner, or the various departments in a supermarket are all forms of literacy, even if your child can not read. Giving your child opportunities to interact in the community can be effective in developing their functional language and literacy skills.

LINK HERE for the Spring Issue: City Speaks issue 81 – Spring 2012

LINK HERE for the Spring Issue (en español): 17617_City Speaks issue 81 – Spring 2012_Spanish


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