COOKSHOP for Families at PS 373R – a FREE Nutrition Program!

CookShop for Families – Join our program!

What is CookShop for Families?

A series of 6 free monthly cooking and nutrition workshops for parents and guardians! CookShop for Families is the adult version of the CookShop Classroom program being taught to students at your school. At each workshop participants will prepare a recipe, learn nutritional tips and discuss money-saving techniques to help your family eat well on a limitied budget. Each month participants will receive ingredients to cook simple and delicious recipes at home with your families.

Who should join the program?

Parents and guardians of children at PS 373R Robert Randall School. NO COOKING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Why participate?

Workshops are a perfect place to build cooking skills, learn from other parents and bring home fun and easy recipes to make with your children.

How do I sign up?

Call Kirsten Rorke at 718-816-8897 press “1” then “3” or email at


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