RCSN Comments on the Proposed OPWDD Five Year Plan

RCSN Comments on the Proposed OPWDD Five Year Plan

The New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) has put forth a Five Year Plan that will change how crucial services are delivered and funded. These changes will have a significant impact on families with children with disabilities. As a parent organization, RCSN recognizes that families are the primary providers of support for the vast majority of individuals with disabilities. Therefore, the successful implementation of the Five Year Plan and person-centered and directed services depends on the informed partnership of families.

We believe that this transition is a new and important opportunity to ensure that people with developmental disabilities in New York receive support that is truly individualized and person-centered. However, we urge OPWDD to maintain its commitment to the most vulnerable people in our community by assuring that the promise of choice and control does not come at the expense of the families who most need support. Last week RCSN joined other advocates and concerned parents to weigh in on proposed changes.

For the full text of RCSN’s testimony, click here…


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