Welcome from the new PS 373R PTA President

Welcome from the President of the Parents’ Association

Welcome to the P.S. 373R PTA, and your PTA. We are here to work together for all of our children.  Families need to be connected to others in order to raise their children in communities to ensure their children are safe and healthy.  Our schools need parents and families to engage in conversation and collaboration to discover where and how they can be involved in their child’s education.  Our local PTA units need to be connected to their community so they will be able to provide opportunities and share the information for the benefit of our schools, families and children.  We can make a difference.

The PTA meetings are held on the Third Tuesday of every month during the school year.  The first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 10 a.m. at the Main Site, 91 Henderson Avenue (Corner of Lafayette & Henderson).

As a parent of P.S. 373R, you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Association.  Our purpose is to enhance communication between the Schools. We know that when parents are involved with their child’s education the child is more likely to succeed in life.   PTA is an abundant resource for programs and ideas to involve parents.

Our goals this year are to:

  • To provide opportunities for every family to participate in P.S. 373R Actives.
  • To provide ways for P.S. 373R families to join in support of their children’s school.
  • To Support for each other an advocate for students, parents and the community;
  • To raise funds for “Teachers Wish List” the annual Carnival.

 PTA Activities:

School Spirit Fridays: We are also encouraging all students and staff to show their school Spirit and wear our school logo shirts on Fridays.  We will be selling School Spirit Shirts throughout the year.

Leadership teams:  School Leadership Teams (SLT) brings together parents, administrators, and teachers to create the school’s education plan and write its budget… SLT members can also create special opportunities for their school.

Holiday Fair:  This annual event is a student favorite, a successful fundraiser and community outreach. The School is selling variety of gift items for the holidays. You can also volunteer to help with setup, cleanup and cashiering at the Holiday Fair.

We are engaged through advocacy, communication, community collaboration, conviction, diversity, fiscal responsibility, membership and passion.  The passion of PTA volunteers – that every child experiences success in school – is what makes a difference in the lives of children every day.

Please enjoy these next few years.  You won’t believe how quickly they will go by and how much your child will mature and learn.  Before you realize it, they will be graduating from one of the finest institutions in the country.  All of us on the PTA look forward to meeting you at P.S. 373R. Working together we can make a difference for every child.

Please contact your PTA President Maritza Sabato at 718-494-9146 or Cell 917-299-0114 and email: maritza.pta@aitny.com if you have questions or concerns.



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