Dog Days of Summer at the S.I. Children’s Museum – Cooking Classes

An artist's impression of Sirius A and Sirius ...

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From the S.I. Children’s Museum website:


Sirius, the “dog star,” is the brightest star in the night sky. Part of the constellation Canis Major, or Big Dog, Sirius rises and set with the sun during late July/early August every year. Because Sirius shines so brightly, Ancient Egyptians and Romans believed it was responsible for the hot summer by adding its own heat to the heat of the sun. While we now know this is not true, the name Dog Days of Summer stuck, and is how we still refer to the hottest part of summer.

Come enjoy these Dog Days every Friday at 2, 3 & 4 pm during our Kidz Cook workshops. Every Friday’s recipe is related to dogs, and wait until you see how good they can taste!

August 5-German Shepherd Chocolate Cake, August 12-French Poodle Tarts, August 19-Chow Chow Mein,
August 26-Neapolitan Mastiff Pizza

To get into the mood, why don’t you try making a “Lassi Come Home” – an Indian Yogurt Shake – in your own kitchen?
1 cup of plain yogurt, stirred to a loose, smooth consistency
2 cups of mango pulp (or any other seasonal fruit that has been mashed.
1 cup of milk (whole or low fat)
Sugar or honey to taste (optional)
1. Put all ingredients in a shaker or jar with a lid and shake until everything is mixed together. If you have a blender, just add all ingredients (and ice chips, if you want) and pulse until well-mixed.
2. Serve.


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