Keep the Arts in Your Child’s School!!

From Doug Israel, Director of Research and Policy, The Center for Arts Education

The release last week of the fourth Annual Arts in Schools Report by the New York City Department of Education revealed that arts education in city schools is in the midst of a difficult storm. Significant declines in budgeting for arts instruction was coupled with the loss of 135 arts teachers last year.

The threat of additional layoffs could worsen what is already a bad situation. Are arts teachers becoming an endangered species in city schools?

Take action to prevent the further loss of city arts teachers.

Should the Mayor’s proposed layoffs take place an additional 356 arts teachers would be let go–resulting in a 20% decline of licensed arts teachers in city schools. This would be disastrous for school arts programs and city schoolchildren.

Even in difficult budget times we must ensure that our city’s students have access to a well-rounded education that includes the arts. We will continue to fight to ensure that every school has a certified arts teacher on staff.

Ask Chancellor Cathie Black to make good on her promise to be a chancellor for the arts by ensuring that there is no further loss of arts teachers next year.

The more emails the Chancellor receives, the more attention will be paid.

Please share your concern with friends and colleagues by passing this message along to them. Thank you for your support for this important effort. With your help we can ensure that our schoolchildren receive a quality arts education.


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