POWER TO THE PARENTS: 2011 Citywide Community Education Council Selection Process

The New York City Department of Education is preparing to launch the 2011 Citywide and Community Education Council Selection process. We are inviting you and public school parents of New York City to run for a seat on a Citywide or Community Education Council.

LINK: http://powertotheparents.org/

For the first time this year, Parent Association and Parent Teacher Association executive officers can self-nominate for a seat on a Citywide or Community Education Council.

Also, the candidate application process and the selection process will be conducted online, as we did in the prior election. There are computers available in local libraries and in some schools in order to make participation convenient for all parents.

The Citywide and Community Education Council election will take place in four stages:

  • Nomination UPDATE: Parents interested in running for a Council seat will be able to nominate themselves online until April 22, 2011.
  • Candidates Forums: The Department of Education, in collaboration with district parent leaders, will host candidates’ forums for parents to meet and ask questions of candidates for Citywide and Community Education Councils. 
  •  Parent Vote: Parents will be able to cast an advisory vote online during the month of April, using an identification number that will be mailed to homes in March. The ID number will be used to provide all voters with the secure online ballots for their district. All public school parents will have the opportunity to cast an advisory vote in April that will be considered in the May election. Although the advisory vote is not binding on any Selector, it allows for all parents to learn about the councils and have an influence in the selection of their representative.
  • Final Vote: Finally, during the month of May 2011, the President, Secretary, and Treasurer of each school’s PA/PTA will cast the official vote. However, any President, Secretary or Treasurer of a PA/PTA who is a candidate in the selection process will not be eligible to cast a vote. For any such officer who is ineligible to vote, the PA/PTA will select a member to vote in place of the officer(s). 

Information about the Citywide and Community Education Councils and the election process will be sent to every public school, community based organizations, faith based organizations and elected officials.

Election materials will be available in nine languages. In the weeks to come, additional information with specific dates for the CEC Selection will be provided. Results of the election will be made available in late May and early June. If you have any questions, please call 212-374-4118.

Sincerely, Ojeda Hall Office for Family Information and Action



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