New Look for Your Child’s IEP

At your next IEP meeting there could be more than just news about your son or daughter’s progress. There is a new format to the IEP.The IEP must still give you a child’s program and placement information, but the information will be presented differently.

  • Goals, at one time buried in the back of an IEP will be up front, beginning on page three (3).
  • On page five (5)there is a section for transportation, with notations for
    specialized seating, equipment and type of transportation.
  • On page six (6) information about participation in testing, and possible
    accommodations, appear.
  • On page seven (7) transition planning steps appear.
  • On page eight(8) the parents names and the names of the persons who participated in the IEP meeting appear. Please make sure your name, address, phone number(s) and other information is correct. Make sure the names of the participants and any titles are clearly written.


LINK: letter on IEPs from John Englert


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