JCC Marvin’s Summer 2011 Camp Program

The JCC’s Marvin’s Camp is a six week program that features individualization while creating a socially and emotionally safe environment. The children participate in a traditional camp setting in an inclusive environment with additional staff supporting their needs. Located at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds (1131 Manor Rd.) in Staten Island, their program fosters success, confidence and self worth by implementing research based strategies to engage children in exceptional socially developmental opportunities. An exploration of social skills is the pervasive component of their program. Through one period each day of social skills intervention and reinforcement throughout the rest of the day’s activities, our children are able to show recognizable growth in a very short period of time. Marvin’s Camp features two 40 minute swim periods each day, including one period devoted to swim instruction provided by the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy. Under the direction of four-time Olympic gold medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg, instructors provide small group (<6 campers) aquatics instruction daily. Our music, art, sports and nature programs allows campers to participate in a traditional camp experience alongside their typically developing peers. Weekly trips to locations including Sesame Place and Keansburg Amusement Park allow our children to experience another dimension of recreational programming. Special activities such as carnival games and shows will also supplement their camp experience.

Fee: $330 per week Contact: Brian Faughnan, 718-475-5200 ext 1186, BFaughnan@sijcc.com


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