Super Special Sundays Program at Staten Island JCC – for Kids (6-18) with Special Needs!

The JCC Special Needs Department is proud to announce two new and exciting programs at our Manor Rd. community center. Our Wednesday Buddies program will begin on February 3 and will run two Wednesdays a month from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Our Super Special Sundays program will begin on January 16 and will run two Sundays a month from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Interested families can receive registration materials by responding to this email. Each program will seek to support socialization for children with a wide range of exceptionalities. We will be expanding our ability to give children and teens with developmental disabilities the opportunity to engage in both recreational and social activities at our Manor Rd. community center.

At our Wednesday Buddies program, children will be accompanied and supported by volunteers from our youth department which includes exceptional and dedicated teens from local high schools that are enrolled in our J-Crew internship program. These young adults are committed to being leaders and making a difference in our community. Additionally, supervision will be provided by professional staff (10 Sessions: $100). At our Super Special Sundays program children will be engaged in activities consisting of arts and crafts, music and movement as well as dramatic arts with a focus on social development. Each activity will be led by a specialist with a wealth of experience providing services to children with special needs. Throughout the day, children will be supervised by staff from our special needs department (12 Sessions: $240). 

CONTACT: Brian Faughnan, Special Needs Coordinator  Telephone: 718-475-5200 ext. 1186


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