PS 373R PTA Meeting Minutes for October 2010

 P373 PTA Minutes                                                                           DATE:  10/14/10

PLACE:  PS 58, Marsh Avenue.

In attendance – Executive Board, Parents, Principal, 1 AP, Parent Coordinator * Ray Velez (Total 21)

  •  10:18  a.m. call to order
  • All executive board members introduced themselves.
  • Peggy Lindsey read the minutes and they were approved
  • Maritza Sabato read the treasury report and all approved
  • We discussed getting the $1000 grant from Debi Rose since so far we had not been successful
  • UFT chapter chairperson (Anailia) was checking with the UFT to see if other schools and PTA’s were experiencing the same difficulties in grants.
  • Resolution A –school lost thousand in funding through this program
  • We discussed the PTA getting a 501(c)3 number and a motion was passed that we try to go under the umbrella of the SI Federation, especially since it is a new and active EIN#
  • We expressed our concerns to Sue DiScala that our notices were not reaching our students at PS58 and she said she would make sure that all of our information would get to the students on a timely basis.
  • Peggy Lindsey explained restaurant night and how it was going to work.
  • Maritza Sabato told everyone about our Modell’s coupons where our school will get 5% back.
  • Dawn Port reminded everyone about the resource fair that was happening at the Hilton, the Gary Hecht breakfast and explained her role as the secretary of the President’s counsel.
  • She also went over site parents and what their responsibilities included.
  • Ray Velez spoke
  • Ilene Goldstein-Harnett discussed busing problems and systems that were being put in place to help the children.
  • We made the list of volunteers for the holiday fair
  • Next meeting will be November 12,  at 10:00 am at PS 861
  • Meeting adjourned 11:55 am

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