Genetic Study of Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders at Weill Cornell Medical College

 The Weill Cornell Medical College is enrolling families with children older than 12 months of age with unknown types of intellectual disabilities or autistic spectrum disorders to participate in a study to identify the factors that are associated with these conditions.

The study involves about 3 to 5 hours of time. The study will include a detailed clinical evaluation including neuropsychological testing, completion of a questionnaire, and blood drawing.

Families can be seen at either the New York City, NY site or the Hackensack, NJ site. There is a $35 voucher for parking available for families that travel via car and a $25 gift certificate. Families will also receive free admission to a future educational symposium. For more information about eligibility please contact the research coordinator, Ms. Vivian Ojeda at (646) 962-8318 or

For more information please LINK HERE for the Brochure: Stamped Autism Brochure


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