PS 373R PTA Meeting Minutes – 9/23/10

P373 PTA Minutes To Be Approved

DATE: 09/23/10

PLACE: Main Site, 91 Henderson Ave.

First PTA Meeting In attendance – Executive Board, Parents, Principal, 3 APs, Parent Coordinator Joan McKeever-Thomas (19 Total)

  • 6:25 p.m. call to order
  • All executive board members and all attendees introduced themselves.
  • Joan McKeever-Thomas inducted all new members of the PTA
  • Ilene Goldstein-Harnett introduced herself and spoke about her role in the school
  • Kirsten Rorke introduced herself as the parent coordinator
  • By Laws – Dawn Port gave a quick synopsis of by laws and explained. Everyone agreed and motion was approved and all executive board signed the new by laws.
  • Budget/Treasury Report – Martiza Sabato went over proposed budget and treasury report. All approved it.
  • Fundraising events were discussed and explained – K Breakfast, Eating for Education and Fall Catalogues.
  • Ilene, the Principal discussed PAWS and thanked her APs.
  •  Discussed site parent letter of commitment
  • Next meeting will be October 14 at 10:00 am at PS 58
  • Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm

7 thoughts on “PS 373R PTA Meeting Minutes – 9/23/10

  1. I am a new parent of P.S. 373 and I am extremely happy with the new PTA and how they are running their show… they were actually parent friendly to me… also they came up with many fantastic plans for this year designed for our kids & families in the school. I heard many stories about the PTA, but when I spoke to Dawn Port the PTA President, she made me feel very welcoming to the school. My previous PTA was not so welcoming; if you were not part of the “CLICK”, you were not recognized. So far, I am very pleased to see how the PTA is functioning. I intend to be an active parent within the PTA. Therefore, I am reaching out to other parents of P.S. 373, come up to the PTA meetings, and obtain your information and witness what they have in preparation the forthcoming of our kids.

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