AHRC Workshop: “Dealing with Challenging Behaviors” June 17, 2010

FAMILY EDUCATION SERIES: FREE Workshops for people caring for individuals with developmental disabilities

Dealing with Challenging Behaviors

Presenters:           Louise Marchini, – Clinical Supervisor, AHRC Department of Educational Services

Location:                AHRC Main Office – Penthouse – 83 Maiden Lane NYC 10038

Date & Time:         Thursday, June 17, 2010 from 6pm-8pm

Challenging behaviors, just like all behaviors, serve a purpose or function for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Effective interventions cannot be developed without first identifying the underlying motivation of these behaviors.  Speakers will provide some insight into the possible functions of challenging behaviors and will provide effective interventions to change difficult behaviors. 

For those who will attend you must register by providing the following information:

1.      Full Name

2.      Mailing Address

3.      Telephone number

4.      Email Address

5.      Company Name (Only if the mailing address you have listed is a company address.)

6.      Please tell us if you are an AHRC Member

7.   How old is your loved one with a developmental disability?

There are several methods you may use to register for this session.  Please note that everyone who attends must make sure that they have registered.  For agencies sending this out to families – please make certain that they use one of the following methods to register.

You may register by filling out the required information and forwarding via email to jennifer.amendola@ahrcnyc.org or donna.gifford@ahrcnyc.org 

You may also call Donna Gifford at 212-780-2713 or Jennifer Amendola at 212-895-3446.  Registrations can be mailed to Donna or Jennifer’s

attention c/o AHRC – 83 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038 Fax number is 212-780-2353.

Transportation Options:

    By Train:                 J,M,Z,4 or 5 to Fulton Street; 2 or 3 to Wall Street; A or C to Broadway Nassau                                                        

    By Bus:                   M1 or M6 to Cortlandt Street; M9 or M15 to Maiden Lane


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