WebMD Documentary about Depression: Share Your Story

WebMD, a leading online source of medical information with 12.5 million monthly visitors, has a media opportunity for your consideration.

The producers of a documentary series for WebMD seek a 20-something man or woman for a new series: “My Life With Depression.”
The producers are looking for individuals “with inspirational stories who can provide insight into the daily challenges they face.” It is the producers’ hope to “capture a piece of the subject’s life, thoughts and recollections to share” with viewers who are dealing with similar circumstances. Ideally, the subject has an activity, hobby, or job that helps him/her manage and cope with depression (e.g., music, gardening, yoga).
Series Information:
This series will profile inspirational stories of people who are successfully coping and thriving, having overcome or living with depression. These will be stories of how people with depression succeed in their various fields, passions and hobbies, in spite of their diagnosis.

The filming of the series would entail a producer and a director of photography visiting each person in his/her home, and at work or play, for a full day. 

They will film his/her day-to-day activities and then record a sit-down interview to discuss his/her methods of managing and coping with depression. If possible, the producers would like to include any members of the subject’s family who would like to participate as well.

Prior to the day of filming, the producers will conduct a preliminary phone interview to outline and determine the discussion and filming during the shoot day. 

They are currently beginning production on the project and would like to arrange interviews in late May or early June.

Other Series:
WebMD just completed a similar series focusing on bipolar disorder (featuring NAMI-NYC Metro’s Mary Lee Gupta and Michael Andersson).  You can check out My Life with Bipolar here.

If you are willing to share your story, please send an e-mail or call Justin at 212.684.3365.


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