Programs at Staten Island’s Parks, March 2010

  • Birding with Friends of Blue Heron (For All Ages) Young birders & enthusiastic “bird people” will learn about how birds behave & migrate. Howie Fischer will emphasize bird identification. Places and times are listed below. Please dress weather-appropriately and bring your binoculars! Information: email and 718-981-4002
  •  March 13 – Mount Loretto at 9 am – We will look for early spring arrivals and lingering waterfowl. Our target bird will be Wilson’s Snipe if the fields are wet. Bring binoculars. Meet in the parking lot.
  • March 20 – High Rock Park and Pouch Camp at 9 am – This may be the best time for some early spring migrants if the weather cooperates. Kinglets, Hermit Thrush and Pine Warblers are possible. Bring binoculars. We meet in the High Rock park parking lot at the top of Nevada Avenue.
  • Explorers of the Wild (Ages 6-12) Explorers can learn a lot about the environment from Clay Wollney. Clay is a Naturalist, a science teacher at Staten Island Academy, & a featured columnist for the Staten Island ADVANCE. Clay is also known as “Mr. Discovery” at the Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences. On the following Sundays from 2-3:30 pm  INFORMATION: 718-967-3542
  • March 21 – Looking for Signs of Life – With spring just around the corner, participants will search for the first signs that warmer weather will soon return.
  • Natural Science Club (Ages 8-12) Programs for curious nature-oriented students ages 8-12. This Club will meet with Clay Wollney on the days listed with different topics relating to natural science. On the following Sundays from 2-3:30 pm INFORMATION: 718-967-3542
  • March 14 – It’s a Gas! – The properties of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases will be demonstrated and compared during this session. Participants will learn how to isolate these gases and test their characteristics. The practical uses of these gases will be the subject of experiments as well.


  • Nature with Kathy (Ages 4-8)
  • Spring Origami – In early Spring rabbits and flowers get busy. We will be busy making rabbits and flowers to decorate any room in the house. Materials charge is $1. To register, call Cathy at 1-917-596-4198. Sunday, March 14, 1-2:30 pm, ages 4-12
  • Printmaking – Do your design and make an edition of 3 prints. The design could be nature-inspired, for Valentine’s Day, or whatever you want. Materials charge is $1. To register, call Cathy at 1-917-596-4198. Sunday, March 28, 1-2:30 pm, ages 4-12.

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