JCC on Staten Island has GED Program, Community Health Insurance Program, Family Literacy & ESL, and Job Training and Placement


Since 2000, our Community Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) have been offering enrollment into Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicaid at convenient locations on Staten Island, and help with problems or issues you might have with your insurance carrier or health care provider through our Managed Care Consumer Assistance Program (MCCAP).

At our offices, friendly and knowledgeable enrollers will help you determine eligibility and apply for the appropriate public health insurance program, available to almost all children under the age of 19 and moderate to low income adults. These terrific New York State funded insurance programs have helped residents manage their health through comprehensive benefits. Enrollers will also help you choose a health plan and primary care physician – all at no cost to you! In 2008 the staff at the CHIPS office enrolled over 6,000 people into health insurance programs and Staten Island Health Access. Recent increases in income and resource levels makes more people than ever eligible for public health insurance programs. Call the CHIP office to see if you qualify.

Our MCCAP coordinators are there for you, to assist you in answering questions and solving problems. Knowledgeable and caring, they will help you navigate the confusing maze of managed care, whether you have public or private health insurance. HealthStat is a comprehensive initiative that works to improve access to health insurance in New York City through education and outreach. The HealthStat coordinator works to establish partnerships within the community, working with agencies and organizations to promote health insurance options.

Come visit us at our main office located at 1859 Victory Boulevard (between Manor Road and Jewett Avenue) or telephone us at 718.981.1400 to see if you qualify for one of our programs. Our enrollers can offer assistance in a number of languages including English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Yiddish, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.


The JCC offers GED preparatory classes which provides students with the necessary skills needed to pass the GED( high school equivalency diploma ) exam. Classes are FREE and are taught by qualified instructors. The GED exam measures knowledge in different areas: Language Arts, Writing, Social Studies Science, Reading and Mathematics. We also offer ABE ( adult basic education ) classes designed for students who need to improve basic Reading and Math skills before they qualify to move into the GED level. Special emphasis is given to the development of critical thinking skills. This program is made possible through the generous funding by the DYCD (Department of youth and community development). For more information please call our GED Hotline 718 – 508 – 3895


The family is an arena in which virtually the entire range of human experience can take place. – Leichter, 1974 The JCC continues to deliver on its commitment to education and the family. PS 19 in West Brighton is our partner school in the Family Literacy program, which enhances the educational experience of students in grades Kindergarten through 3 by involving and supporting the parent through the process. Parents and their children participate in afterschool activities which are facilitated by professional instructors. The lesson plans support the academic curriculum as well as model innovations in Adult and Family Learning. Parenting workshops and ESL classes are also provided for parents in order to reinforce the impact of the family on a child’s academic success. The JCC is the first organization to offer such a comprehensive program on Staten Island.


Understanding a job seeker’s skills, abilities and interests is often the first step. The JCC through the ( ARRA) American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ) has recently employed specialists who work to understand a job seeker’s abilities, aspirations and prior experience. We can help design an individualized training plan that promotes the job seeker’s personal and professional growth. By enrolling into our job readiness training program you will learn the “dos and don’ts” of the workplace – How do I dress for success? What do employers really expect of me? How can I stay positive and be dependable? How can I get along with others at work? Job seekers also learn how to write resumes and search for jobs as they continue to develop their educational needs that give them the confidence they need to advance. In addition we will try to match the students skills with Staten Island employers with the hope of placing that client in a job suitable to their skills.

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