Are Schools Open in NYC February 26, 2010? Go to 1010WINS, Call 311 or Go to the DOE Website!

From the NYC Department of Education Website:

As of the afternoon on Thursday, February 25th – Schools Are Open Tomorrow While we continue to monitor the weather, all indications are that schools will be open tomorrow. If conditions become worse than expected and schools do have to be closed, we will inform parents immediately. After-school and PSAL programs will take place as planned. There are some weather-related cancellations, however. Parent teacher conferences at intermediate and junior high schools planned for today will be rescheduled due to snow conditions.

You can always contact 311 for up-to-date information, sign up for school alerts at:

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7 thoughts on “Are Schools Open in NYC February 26, 2010? Go to 1010WINS, Call 311 or Go to the DOE Website!

  1. i don`t this is right because there are alot of kids who travel from far to get to school,they have to take buses which are sometimes delayed or not in service on days like these.Feb. 26 is a friday and what purpose would it be to have to struggle to go to school coming and going!it is the last day of the week for these kids. its going to continue snowing and i think this is just a waste of time. this might be the last snowday we have so i think we should give the kids a break and leave this 1 snowy day off for them. its only one friday.

  2. It’s very bad outside right now. I hope they will close the schools tomorrow. It’s just too dangerous for our kids to travel. Its’ slushy, very slippery, extremely windy! And it comes from Russian person that is used to real winter.

  3. I think it’s pointless to open school since many kids will be absent anyways. A lot of kids don’t attend school to begin with and now with this kind of weather the number will just increase. Many teachers don’t come to school either so many classes become free periods. How productive can that be?

  4. God forbid a student or teacher is injured or worse due to the snow and terrible weather conditions we are having, Bloomberg will be held personally accountable as it will be his stupidity and his fault for not closing school tomorrow 2/26. He is a disgrace for a mayor is he allows schools to be open tomorrow.

  5. I thinks Manhathan schools should be close to because its not fare other students from other borough not to have. My daughter qoes to school far from our home & its just to diffficult for her to get there. she lastest about 1 hour & 10 min to get to school. its dangerous put there. & i think its safer for them to stay home. Thankz

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