Message from the PS 373R PTA President

To Everyone in the PS 373R Family.                                                February 16, 2010

As we begin the New Year 2010, I am reminded of the famous opening of the Dickens’s classic A Tale of Two Cities; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. I wish to focus on the best. First of all, I want to thank my two Vice Presidents, Dawn Port and Laura Strohm. Far almost a whole year, Dawn has been working almost single handedly planning  our Holiday Fair and along with a small group of parents who came out and volunteered their time, make it a success. Laura’s endless hours coordinating the cookie dough fund raiser also made that fundraiser a success. A special thanks to Jen Walsh and Perian Wise for their countless hours donated to the PTA.

We are looking forward to an exciting spring which will include the Mother’s Day plant sale at the Main Site and at the Petrides site, and the Spring Carnival in May at the Main Site. Without the dedication of these people, Kirsten Rorke our Parent Coordinator and the small group of parents who give so much of their time we would have no PTA. The PTA wants to also thank those parents who donated to the PTA’s operating fund this fall.

And now to some unpleasant realities: Last year the PTA was hit with some monetary requests for help which cause us to dip into our reserve fund. This year we have been struggling to build up those reserves but have fallen short with some of our fundraisers. Again, our parents were very generous when asked for help. The second and most important problem we face is the continued dismal attendance by parents to the monthly PTA meetings. To be frank, the PTA is hanging on by a thread. The executive board members also have jobs and family demands placed upon them. It has been decided that due to the lack of parental involvement in the last month’s fair, it will be discontinued in lieu of another event that takes will require less preparation and execution.

If there is not a turnaround soon in parental involvement in the PTA, it may cease to exist. The PTA is your voice with the school, and we are tireless advocates for YOUR children. Each year, the PTA also funds part of Spring Carnival and pays for the rides as well as other goodies. Last year it was all the rides, the clown and cotton candy machine, therefore without the PTA, these all goes way. This is a real possibility that can be averted with your help so please get involved. I pray my next update will be more positive.

Thank you

John Scarso

President PTA 373R 2009-2010


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