Message from the PTA President John Scarso


October 13, 2009

To All in the PS 373R Family:

As we begin a new school year, I would like to thank all those new parents who attended the first PTA meeting/pot luck dinner. There were many new faces and I hope that the change in time to the evening will prove beneficial to all. Our PTA has retained its officers for another year and their experience will prove invaluable; yet school continues to struggle with budget cuts and many other challenges. Our principal and her staff has been working long hours to address many of the issues affecting all of our children and we need to continue our support of them We wish to thank all those generous parents who have donated dues to the PTA to help fund our programs. We have collected so far close to $500. At the last meeting, we passed our budget which included a $250 grant to the garden program which is in the back behind the mini building. We have kicked off our cookie dough sale and we are planning our holiday fair for the first week in December. We cannot function without the support of our student’s parents. We as a PTA realize that many parents work long hours and have many issues but we all do and together we can come together to build a stronger PTA. Our next meeting is Tuesday October 27 at 6PM and we hope to see more parents there. Thank you.


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