PS 373R Box Tops News from Sonja Bushey


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to another exciting year at PS 373R! My name is Sonja Bushey and I’m the volunteer coordinator for the Box Tops for Education program at our school. We raised over $200 last school year through the Box Tops for Education program! My goal is to double that amount for this school year and it can’t happen without the help from all of you.

One of the easiest ways you can make a difference is to sign up to join the Box Tops for Education program and choose PS 373R Robert Randall School as you school of choice. (Even if your child attends an off-site it will still benefit your school.) It’s easy, free, and you’ll find out about new ways to help our school earn extra cash:

  • Track our school’s earnings
  • Print out coupons
  • Enter contests to win Box Tops for our school

Please keep clipping and sending in, all year long! Every box top counts (10 cents each) and the school really needs your help.

Also, shop your favorite online stores at the Box Tops Marketplace. Up to 8% fo each qualifying purchase is donated to our school, at no extra cost to you!

To learn more, visit . Thanks for choosing to make a difference for P373R with Box Tops! Thanks to those who have been clipping and sending! Everyone have a wonderful school year.

Sincerely,  Sonja Bushey – Box Top Coordinator



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