A Letter from the PS 373R PTA


A Letter from the PTA

 John Scarso PTA President

Dawn Port 1st Vice President

Laura Strohm 2nd Vice President

Perian Wise Secretary

Jennifer Walsh Treasurer

We are looking forward to another year ahead and many new changes and plans are about to be take place. The PTA and School Administration has gotten together to make the school year 2009-2010 a successful one with many new things for our children.  However, due to budget cuts and limitations set on us, we are asking the parents to contribute to the PTA. We are asking for $5.00 per family to help defray our costs. The PTA does not receive any funds from the DOE and only a small grant from Councilman Ken Mitchell. We have attached an envelope for you to return to school with the dues enclosed.  These are to help keep the things we sponsor active and successful. (Ex: Welcome dinner, Backpacks, Holiday Fair and Carnival)

Also, parent involvement is important to the success of the school PTA.  We realize that parents work and can be overwhelmed with therapy, family ties and other things, so we are adding a permission slip/ volunteer slip at the bottom to contact you if you would like to be notified of the meeting results, agenda or may want to help in planning or helping at some of the events. 

Thank you for your continued support and participation.

Permission/Volunteer Slip

I would like to volunteer my time for      ____Cookie dough sale        ______Plant Sale     ______Holiday Fair     _______Fair Set up    ______ Fair Clean Up

I can’t offer time but I can help in other areas. _____________________ (crafts, baking, donations, etc)

Parent/Guardian Name & Child’s Name___________________________________________________________________

Contact # or E- mail ___________________

I would like to be notified of meetings, workshops, events and Agenda results of the PTA.  I give my permission for the PTA to contact me at

(Contact info)  ______________________________   Name __________________


Signature __________________________________

(This information is for PTA use ONLY and will not be given to others outside the PTA or used for any other purposes)


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