Resources for Children with Special Needs – Free Training Series on Staten Island

For Families and Professionals

Needing Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities

For more information & to register, contact Gary Shulman, MS.Ed.

212-677-4650 ext. 20

Staten Island: Joan and Alan Bernikow Jewish Community Center of Staten Island

1466 Manor Road, Staten Island NY 10314

(Call for directions 718-475-5225)


12/14/09: “The Earlier the Better” Nina Lublin  10AM-1PM

1/20/10  “A Good IDEA? Miguel Salazar  10AM-1PM

3/11/10  “Preparing for High School” Mariko Sakita  10AM-1PM

3/23/10  “HELP! Support Services” Gary Shulman  10AM-12Noon

4/20/10  “Life After High School” Helene Craner  10AM-1PM


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