Staten Island Special Olympics BOCCE BALL

Special Olympics is bringing BOCCE BALL to Staten Island. It’s Free; all you need is sneakers and a Special Olympics medical form. The program is designated for boys and girls of all ages. Everyone will get a chance to play – no prior experience is needed.

For those who are not familiar with the sport, here is a quick run down. Bocce Ball is played with 8 balls and one smaller ball called a pallina. Each player will toss a ball to the pallina (small ball) with the object being to get the ball as close to the pallina as possible.

The athletes will be paired off in groups of two, preferably in age groups. For young athletes we will start with a softball so they can get used to holding the weight of the Bocce ball in one hand. Athletes will learn how to play bocce and the different ways to arch or roll the ball. Sessions will also encourage athletes to learn the game and increase coordination through fun activities. Bocce is a great way for athletes to meet new friends.

Bocce Ball Program Information:

Location: Special Olympics’ Bob Lowney Memorial Field, 1150 Forest Hill R., Staten Island, NY

Tentative Time: Sunday Mornings

Tentative Start Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009

Contact: Liz Acosta (917) 821-4233 or DonnaMarie DeBernardo (718) 317-2371 or (917) 754-8445


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