Summer 2009 Reading Program in NYC Libraries – Fun and Free!


Dear Principals, Teachers and Parents, 

On behalf of the New York City Public Library systems we would like to remind you about the upcoming 2009 Summer Reading program and encourage students to register.

 The Summer Reading program harnesses the spirit of competition to motivate young people to be involved with books and creativity during the months they are away from school. Students who read the greatest number of books and write the greatest number of reviews will be acknowledged for their accomplishments through certificates signed by community leaders, prizes, celebrations and more!

A library card is “priceless”; it provides free, year-round access to the world of books, games, DVDs, knowledgeable staff, and a great peer community.  Reading throughout the summer, of course promotes educational growth, but it’s also an important reminder that libraries are great social and community spaces and offer safe and creative spaces for young people to develop lifelong passions and interests.

*How do students register? Registration takes place at all branches and on-line from June 4 – August 31 at

*Difficult to find a good book?  Public librarians and school librarians have already spent hours pouring through age appropriate books to identify some of the best works for 2009. Check with your local library to get a copy ofthe Be Creative @ Your Library reading lists.


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