Letter from the PTA President


 To all parents, staff and those in the PS 373R family,

As we approach the End of the school year, I wanted to update everyone on what is going on with the PTA and the school.

We continue to work in very challenging times with the economy, the City, and the DOE’s ongoing budget crises.

The PTA has been very busy. I want to thank my board members, Jen Walsh, Dawn Port, Laura Strohm and Perian Wise as well as those who have also help again and again for the many hours they have put in to make our year a great success. They are the backbone of the PTA and without their efforts the PTA would not exist.

We just had out plant sale at the Main Site and at Petrides “J” building and both were a huge success.  We wish to thank Vinny at Gerardi’s Farm Market at 561 Richmond Terrace for supplying the flowers. The Spring Carnival is Friday May 15th and we wish to thank all the parents who donated money to the event. Because of you generosity, we can now have an Italian ice vendor and a few extras for the kids. NY1 and the SI advance were notified and may attend. The ticket sales for the Staten Island Yankees outing on June 29 were also a success. This event sold out in less than a week.  

The next PTA meeting is May 21st at 11:30am at the Main Site. We will be accepting nominations for the upcoming elections for the executive board. It is also not too late to join “The Fighting 373rd” team at the South Street Seaport on June 14th for the 2009 Autism Walk.

All in all, this year has been a learning experience for both the new administration and the PTA board and we both have grown from the experience. We will be meeting soon with our local officials regarding the pressing issues facing our school.  See you there.

John Scarso President PTA 373R 718-986-8856


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