Information on How to Get NYS Parking Permits For People With Disabilities


NYS Parking Permits For People With Disabilities

Application for a New York State Parking Permit for People with Disabilities

General Instructions

The following requirements must be met by a person with a disability to qualify for a City Parking Permit for People with Disabilities (PPPD):

       I.            You must provide us with a valid copy of your Driver’s License or a Non-Driver’s Identification card.

     II.            People who live in New York City as well as non-City residents are eligible for a New York City permit. There is no longer a need for non-City residents to provide documentation from school or work.

  III.            You must require the use of a private vehicle for transportation.

  IV.            You must have a severe, permanent disability that impairs mobility as certified by your personal physician and a New York City physician designated by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) at an assessment center.

     V.            Please provide all pertinent information requested on the parking application:  nyc-pppdapp (pdf). Write your name on the application exactly as it appears on your State-issued Driver’s License or Non Driver’s Identification card. Incomplete applications will be returned. Print or type all information except for signatures.

  VI.            If you are unable to sign, or the applicant is a minor, then a parent, spouse, guardian, or person with power of attorney may sign, stating the reason and the relationship to you.

  1. You must submit a copy of all vehicle registrations. They must be current and valid. We will not accept any plate number in judgment with the New York City Department of Finance Parking Violations Operations unit.

One permit with specified plates printed on it will be issued to the person with a disability who is certified by a physician designated by the DOHMH. This permit holder must move the permit to whichever vehicle he or she is using at the time. No copies are allowed.

  1. When we receive your application, we will review it for completeness. Incomplete applications will be returned to you with a letter requesting the missing information. Complete applications will be forwarded within five working days to the DOHMH assessment center you choose.

  IX.            Assessment center staff will contact you to schedule the required certification assessment appointment. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, you must call to cancel and reschedule no later than 48 hours before your appointment. Please bring any supporting medical documentation or reports with you to your appointment.

     X.            If your application is approved by the designated DOHMH Physician, we will issue you a permit. If your application is denied, DOT will send you a denial-of-certification letter, which shall include a description of the appeal process.

  XI.            All information that you submit with this application (pdf) and any subsequent medical information that you submit to the certifying physician will be kept confidential and will only be shared with those involved in the certification and/or permit process, to the extent permitted or required by law.

If you have questions regarding this application (pdf), please call PPPD for assistance: (718) 433-3100 during business hours, Monday – Friday or TTY (212) 504-4115.

Parking Permits for People with Disabilities (PPPD),
NYC Department of Transportation,
28-11 Queens Plaza North, 8th floor,
Long Island City, New York 11101-4008

Parking Permit Application: parking-permit-application

NYC Website:


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