National Autism Association: Picnic for Families with Children with Special Needs – Muscoot Farm Special Event!

Date:  Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time:  10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Address: Route 100, Katonah, NY

(Westchester County)

Phone: 914.864. 7282


Free Admission

RSVP by May 20th to Nancy Gardella at 646.463.3083

Please Bring A Picnic Lunch


We are putting together a cookbook (as a fundraiser) for families with special needs children.  Please bring your favorite recipes to donate to the cookbook.


Muscoot Farm is a beautiful country gentleman’s farm circa 1880-1950. It is often used for fairs and special events.


Here our children will be welcomed by professional and volunteer staff who have experience working with children on the autism spectrum. (Each summer the farm hosts a camp and they have had children like ours within the group.)


A special day is planned for our families which includes two hours (starting at 10:30am ) of private morning activities (rain or shine because they have indoor space used for parties). These activities will include craft stations for special needs and typical children, special learning experiences such as allowing the children to touch the sheep,etc.; (they usually do not allow this with the general public); visiting with two new foals and piglets (they are holding the piglets over for us) as well as other farm animals; and a hayride. We need a head count (ballpark count) for the hayride.


There are 30 picnic tables.  Please bring a picnic lunch. They may have a food stand set up by then and there is a 7/11 down the road.


The farm is less than an hour from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
For directions check their website or call 914-864-7282.

For more information please visit:


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