Check out the New Chat Group: “Staten Island 4 Our Kids”!



Dear Parents & Staff,

     For those of you whose children/students attend P.S. 25R, P.S. 37R, P.S. 373R and P.S. 721R, you are invited to join our Yahoo Chat group which has been in existence since Sept. 2008.

PS37RInfoExchange has been a sharing of ideas and information which many our staff and parents have come together to see what lies outside the walls of our school regarding the needs of our children. 

     We have been embarking on our technological talents this past semester and hope to further open the lines of communication between staff/parents, parents/parents and staff-parents/ and the world of Developmental Disabilities. Because we have opened this group to our 3 sister schools on Staten Island and have renamed it: StatenIsland4OurKids. This Chat group is listed on “Yahoo Groups.” It is our hope that you can utilize this group as an information exchange system with all the happenings that are occurring in the fields of Developmental Disabilities. I have been working at PS 37R for 22 years and have had the experience of learning new things from our parents first! So there is an enormous amount of information regarding our kids from you!

If interested, I would like you to send me the following information:


E-Mail this information to:

I will then send you the attachment for signing into Yahoo Groups and then adding your name to the StatenIsland4OurKids chat site.

 Even if you decide not to write in on any particular day, you can have access to read what other people are writing. It has been my experience, when involved in Relationship Development Intervention training for autistic families, that this type of communication system is invaluable! I continue to speak with people all over the country, just to keep my finger on the pulse of anything new. Many of you are probably involved in other types of chat groups, and I highly encourage you to continue to do so. I had initially opened this group up to the parents and staff at P.S. 37R, and after 5 months, it has been a successful means of obtaining information both on and off Staten Island. If anyone from outside this defined group wishes to add any information, please have them do it through you, or they can send me an e-mail. As previously mentioned, this group is only open to our collective parents and staffs.  I do not wish to let any one methodology or specialty monopolize this chat site, but as long as you follow the guidelines to the group’s description, your message will be posted.  I would rather let our parents and staff  be the primary sources of information. If you wish to put other websites or chat group addresses on this chat group that would be fine. Please fill out the information requested above and e-mail it to me at your leisure. (Please note, if you do not wish to give your personal e-mail address, you can create your own e-mail address through Yahoo. I did this: ). I will be in touch with you as soon as I have received your information.

     Here’s wishing us all a successful and informative year!


Bill Devery LCSW

School Social Worker

Moderator of “StatenIsland4OurKids”


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