11 thoughts on “Safelink Wireless – FREE CELLPHONE AND MINUTES – For Income-Elegible Customers!

  1. Do you add to the total yearly income the social security payment?
    If yes, do you add the amount medicare deducted?
    Thanks Judah

    • Please call: 1-800-977-3768
      for any questions. We only have a link to the wireless site. You need to call the service.

  2. Thank-you for sharing this! I am a low income mother of 2 and desperately need a cheap cell phone as my “emergency” contact for my children. I work 2 jobs and am not always accessible through a work phone. When my children are with their babysitter, I would feel more secure knowing that they have a way to reach me if anything were to happen at home or at school. Tracfone is really reaching out to the less fortunate and trying to make life a little easier for them.

  3. i try to apply but whn I entered my information said that personal information is invalid please what i can do to get the free phone .Thanks

  4. hola no he podido coger mis mimnutos del mes de agosto como puedo hacer estoy tratando de llamar asafelink y no puedo comunicarme con un operador o servicio al cliente

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