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Safelink Wireless – FREE CELLPHONE AND MINUTES – For Income-Elegible Customers!

Posted by pta373 on March 12, 2009


You may be eligible for a FREE CELL PHONE AND MINUTES through a government sponsored program called SAFELINK WIRELESS.

Go to to learn more about this wonderful program.

11 Responses to “Safelink Wireless – FREE CELLPHONE AND MINUTES – For Income-Elegible Customers!”

  1. SHILINDA said


  2. Judah Lefkovits said

    Do you add to the total yearly income the social security payment?
    If yes, do you add the amount medicare deducted?
    Thanks Judah

    • pta373 said

      Please call: 1-800-977-3768
      for any questions. We only have a link to the wireless site. You need to call the service.

  3. Harper said

    Thank-you for sharing this! I am a low income mother of 2 and desperately need a cheap cell phone as my “emergency” contact for my children. I work 2 jobs and am not always accessible through a work phone. When my children are with their babysitter, I would feel more secure knowing that they have a way to reach me if anything were to happen at home or at school. Tracfone is really reaching out to the less fortunate and trying to make life a little easier for them.

  4. judy said


  5. Majid Salman said

    i try to apply but whn I entered my information said that personal information is invalid please what i can do to get the free phone .Thanks

  6. Carolyn johnson said

    Thank you

  7. Jenny said

    I love my safelink phone. traveling back and forth to work in the dark I feel secure and safe on the road
    Thank you safelink

  8. miguelina marinos said

    hola no he podido coger mis mimnutos del mes de agosto como puedo hacer estoy tratando de llamar asafelink y no puedo comunicarme con un operador o servicio al cliente

  9. necesito un telefono por mi nino.

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