Do You Need a Universal Pre-K? Openings Available in NYC

The City has been allowed by the State to go ahead with its mid-year Universal Pre Kindergarten (UPK) expansion and we need your help.  As a result, the City Council is once again partnering with the Department of Education (DOE), the Administration for Children Services (ACS) and childcare advocates to help enroll four-year olds in FREE UPK programs by Friday, January 30th


More than 4,000 full-day and half-day UPK seats are still available in public schools, child care centers contracted by ACS and community-based organizations contracted by the DOE for children who turned four years old by December 31, 2008.  


Research shows that UPK can contribute greatly to the social, emotional and academic development of children, as well as prepare them for success in school


Parents should contact individual programs to confirm seat availability and to register.  Below is a list of resources that families can use to find UPK programs with available seats where they live, work or go to school: 


  • Families can call 311 and ask for a UPK program in their neighborhood.
  • Call a toll free number (888) 469-5999 and speak with a parent counselor. 
  • NYCMap lets families search for UPK programs with available seats close to their home, work or school. Families can log on to, click on the “Universal Pre-K” hand icon, click on “locate a program,” and enter an address. 
  • The DOE Web site has a directory of programs with available seats at ( 

4 thoughts on “Do You Need a Universal Pre-K? Openings Available in NYC

  1. i applied to UPK in NYC and we just received a letter stating that my son was unable to be placed. I now need to apply for “round 2”. Any advice would be most appreciated as this is a frustrating process and at this time, i have o pre-k allocated for my son for September 2010.

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