Need Help With Your Holiday Cards? Have PS373R Mom Help You Design Your Own!

PS 373R mom Peggy Lindsey is giving all PS 373R parents 10% off of their Holiday Card orders:

Woo Woo Baby Personalized Gifts  


WOO WOO BABY is back with your HOLIDAY CARDS and LETTERS FROM SANTA!  I have a new website which I designed myself.  It is not an online store so there is no shopping cart.  If you see a design you like, you click on the number and it brings you into an email addressed to me where you put all of your details and attach your photo.  I will then email you a proof with the total price, which will include shipping and tax.  Almost all of the designs are custom made. If you don’t see something you like and have an idea, I can do it for you.  Also for something different, you can have your child do a drawing and you can make that into your card.  This site is still under construction for some of my other products, but the holiday section is ready!  I also feature Holiday Cards for your Business.  Click below to visit the site:


If you reply to this email by December 10th, you will receive a 10% discount on your holiday order.  You must place your order BY December 10th to receive this discount.


Thank you and Happy Holidays!!


Peg Lindsey

Woo Woo Baby Personalized Gifts





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