Thanks to all the parents who continue sending in those boxtops. So far we have $85.00 worth of boxtops. The deadline for these is March 17, 2008. I need to send them in March for the school to get a check. Please keep sending them in. If you attend PTA meetings, please bring whatever boxtops you have, even if it’s only 1. I’m usually at most of the meetings. If I’m not present, then you can give them to Kirsten Roarke, the parent Coordinator. Please keep cutting and sending. Our school is very important. I also want to mention the I LOVE MY SCHOOL CONTEST on the http://www.boxtops4education website. Just sign in and go to the “Promotions” tab. It’s at the very top with a red background. There’s no purchase necessary. Just fill in the fields and click on “enter or submit”. This contest is for every day in February up to the 29th. If your name is chosen , our school wins a lot of cash for our children to get some nice things in the school or even towards the school carnival. If everyone tries it just once a day up to Feb. 29th, we could have a good chance of winning. Thanks for all you do. Sincerely, Sonja Bushey
Box Top Coordinator.