Writing Contest in Ms. Broderick’s Class


In January Ms. Broderick sponsored a class writing contest in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. She accepted stories from students on the class blog on three topics; Dr. King, Rosa Parks or Ruby Bridges. Click onto the blog to read the student entries:  www.stufffromthelab.wordpress.com


Ruby Bridges by Malakhi Horne

Ruby Bridges was born in Tyler Mississippi in 1954 just one year before the famous Montgomery Bus boycott.
Segregation was slowly coming to an end. Ruby moved to New Orleans with her parents and when she was 6 years old she was chosen to go to an all white school. The first one in the state. The NAACP wanted her to participate in integrating the schools of New Orleans.
In September 1960 Ruby was one of 6 Kindergartners that went to white schools. They took a test to see who would go. She was smart so she went to the Franz Elememtery school.
Her father did not want her to go but her mother said give here a chance to get a better education.It was very rough. No one wanted Ruby there. People would protest outside the school screaming at her. None of the white children came to school. Everyday the people would protest some threatened to kill her.
Ruby was brave, it was so bad soldiers had to take her to school and her father lost his job.
Ruby just kept being brave and eventually all the white kids came back to school. Things changed and schools would one day be integrated. It all started with Ruby.

THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR KIDS – This Saturday and Sunday in Staten Island


Saturday, February 9
Crocheting. Learn the basics & create a final project. SI Child’s Museum, 718 273-2060

Puppet Workshop & Shows. By and for kids and their families. Everything Goes Book Café and Neighborhood Stage, 718 907-0709

Teddy Bear Clinic. Have your stuffed animal repaired. SI Zoo, 718 442-3101

Jr. Audubon/Nature Club. How birds behave & migrate. All ages. Blue Heron Nature Center, 718 317-1732

Valentine Card-Making Workshop. Make your own card with paper, lace & color cut-outs based on Victorian images. Prereg. Historic Richmond Town, 718 351-1611

Alive in Wonderland. The wild, wacky and wonderful world of NYC’s forgotten borough. Center for the Arts at CSI. 718 982-2497

Valentine Craft. Make a heart-shaped picture frame & a valentine card. Bring photo. All ages. Prereg. Clay Pit Ponds, 718 967-1976

Black History Month Story Hour. Children ages 6-11 are invited to hear stories based on 19th century African American Folktales. Prereg. Mont Sec House, Ft. Wadsworth, GNRA, 718 354-4500

Nature Photography. Look for secret corners of the park to photograph. Blue Heron Nature Center, 718 967-3542

Nuts About Squirrels. Learn about your furry friends & their homes in the parks. Willowbrook Park, Urban Park Rangers, 718 967-3542

Click Here for Ongoing Saturday Events

Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10
Chinese. Learn and create Chinese lettering & bring good fortune to your home. SI Child’s Museum, 718 273-2060

Click Here for Ongoing Saturday and Sunday Events

Sunday, February 10

Love My Kids Valentines Party. Crafts, games & more. Ages 1-5. Bubbles Playhouse. Kiddabra, 866 543-7044

Valentine’s Day Eco-crafts. Make a heart-felt craft using natural materials. All ages. Blue Heron Park. Urban Park Rangers, 718 967-3542

Year of the Rat. Celebrate the Chinese New Year. Crafts and special feedings. S.I. Zoo, 718 442-3101

Boy Scouts Pine Wood Derby. S.I. Mall, 718 761-6800

Kids and Critters. Pre-K and Kindergarten adventure seekers. Special tours and make crafts. A drop-off program. Prereg. SI Zoo, 718 442-3101

Afternoon Performance. Broadway songs & dances. SI Children’s Museum, 718 273-2060

Ecology Walk. Conference House Park. SI Museum, 718 727-1135

Staten Island Chuck Predicts Early Spring!


Here is the story from NY1 News about GROUNDHOG DAY:

February 02, 2008

A battle of the groundhogs has many still wondering whether we’re in for six more weeks of winter, or if spring is right around the corner.

New York’s own Staten Island Chuck emerged to make his annual Groundhog Day prediction Saturday morning. Chuck failed to see his shadow at the Staten Island Zoo, leaving his faithful followers to believe spring is near.

“Well, he’s a New York boy so he’s going to be hardcore and real, and he seemed happy and that definitely means spring,” said his handler Doug Schwartz.

“Chuck is the most accurate predictor, that’s why he’s become so popular,” said Zoo Director Jon Caltabiano.

Kids said that was the perfect forecast.

“I am so happy that he said spring,” said one youngster.

“I want winter to be over,” said another. “It’s like really, really cold.”

Schwartz says the ten-pound groundhog has been right 23 out of 27 times.

But Chuck’s forecast is being disputed in Pennsylvania, where the nation’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, also gave his prediction. Phil saw his shadow, a sign that winter has six long weeks to go.

The tradition started in Germany so farmers could prepare for the season.

Last year, both groundhogs predicted a short winter.

Here is the link to the story and the video clip: http://www.ny1.com/ny1/Boroughs/staten_island.jsp