January PTA Meeting Minutes


PTA MinutesJan 17, 2008 Officers present: Siri Kagan, Ida Gilman, Laura Strohm

December minutes were passed around.Treasurer’s Report:   see attachment.    

Opening Balance: $5,783.38 (11/15/07)   Closing Balance:  $5,173.59 (1/15/08)

  • Interim PA Financial Report reviewed- see attachment
  • Valentine Craft Vote: PTA to pay for and help children make craft.  The valentine craft was well received last year.  Vote for “I Love You Heart.”  A motion was made by Siri Kagan, seconded by Laura Strohm- motion passed to provide $160.00 for Valentine Craft.
  • A motion was made by Siri Kagan to purchase 2 tickets for the Grace Foundation Crop for Autism, seconded by Laura Strohm, motion passed. 
  • Carnival:  May 14, 2008   PTA to send solicitation letter for $5.00 per family to generate income for the carnival.
  • Federation for PTA’s is selling $5 boosters toward their scholarship and awards ceremony.  Consider purchasing one towards this cause prior to April.  Flyers will be sent home with the children. 
  • $150.00 Federation dues to be paid for this year.
  • The purchase of a copier was considered for PTA use.  Much opposition was expressed.  Will revisit when we have actual cost information. 
  • Motion made by Kirsten Rorke to purchase a digital camera for PTA.  We have a new bulletin board where pictures can be displayed.  $200.00 motion passed – there was no opposition.
  • A proposal to purchase magnetic business cards with PTA & PS373 website info for $120.00.  Motion passed.  No oppositi
  • Announcements:
  • Women’s Health Day 1/29 at IBR, A nurse practitioner to come and speak at 10AM.
  • Rise and Shine with Martine (parent coordinator for NYC) 1/24 anyone with issues?  Overcrowding and bussing to be brought up.
  • Camp Day is this Saturday!  If you want to carpool, call Siri!
  • School Governance Forum with Randi Weingarten 1/17@ 7PM. 
  • Free Yoga 1/22 at the main site.
  • Lobby Day in Albany 2/12.  All 3 meals provided.  Talk to Siri if interested.
  • Weekly overcrowding planning meetings are being held- next 1/24 @1PM @ main site.
  • Federation Special Education Committee workshop/ meeting- Monday 1/28@ 930AM.
  • Overcrowding Press conference 2/8 @11AM 
  • CCSE put us in their priority list for consideration in the 2009 budget.
  • SI Advance does not have an education writer.  The PTA Federation is pushing for this.  The editor is considering hiring someone.  Email campaign- hack@siadvance.com  MargeHack is the city editor at the SI Advance.  WE have too many critical issues not to have an education writer!  Please send your email to the above address.
  • CCSE opening- (city wide council special education committee SI CEC has 2 openings- See Siri if interested.
  • Speaker:  Jackie Tripodi of Parent to Parent NYS- handouts available or go to; www.parenttoparentnys.org

Meeting adjourned at 11AM Next meeting on Thursday, 2/28. Respectfully submitted by Laura Strohm, PTA