December Story Contest Winners from the Computer Lab in Room 311

A Special Christmas in New Brighton by Dashay Scott
My name is Miss Scott and I have 3
kids Kyare , Dallas, and Bouncey.
Kyare is 11, Dallas is 13, and Bouncey is the baby just 1 years old.
This story is about one Christmas when I had no money to buy the kids gifts.
The reason I had lost my job in Dr. Smith’s Office. I answered phones
in the office and I worked there along time and one day in December he
just fired me. I don’t know why.I walked home to my house in New
Brighton on 209 Benziger Ave and the rent was due. I was afraid of
being kicked out. I felt so sad, no rent money, and no presents for
Now my daughter Kyare has a friend on our block. Kyare is friendly and
talks to everybody. He is an old guy his name is Mr. Higgins. She goes
and talks to him in his yard all the time. But that old man never said
hello to me and I never said hello to him.

Then I guess Kyare told him about our problem. The next thing I knew
someone had paid my rent, and I did not know who.

On Friday before Christmas he walked over and rang the door bell and
just said I know you have no money this Christmas to buy the kids
gifts, so maybe you and I could go together, I have some extra money.

And that is what we did. I bought Kyare a doll set and small laptop,
Dallas got a really great car set and the sneakers he wanted, and
Bouncey I bought clothes and a baby set of toys.

That was the year I lost my job, got a new friend and had the best
Christmas ever thanks to Mr. Higgins.
Maybe you know someone who needs something this Christmas and you
could make there Christmas as happy as ours.

Merry Christmas.

Santa and the Motorcycle Gang. By Prince

This year Santa had a problem getting to
the people. Then during take off, his sleigh broke down.
He does not know what to do. How will he get to deliver the
presents.Then he hears a noise ruuuuummmmmm ruuummmmm. It sounds just
like motorcycles, and you know what it was motorcyles. But you will
never guess who was driving them.
The lead penguins name was Joe. He wore a leather jacket and biker glasses.
This is what he said to Santa ” We won’t let a broken sleigh ruin
everyones Christmas”

Then thousand of penguins on Motocyle come and load up the gifts,
ready to deliver them. Zoooooommmm Zoooooooom
Santa was happpy He said, “Some people are naughty and some people are
nice, and you are real nice.” He gave them motorycle boots.
Ho. HO. Ho , Merry Christmas.

Gung Hay Fat Choy—Happy New Year!


February 3rd, 2008 1:00 pm: Gung Hay Fat Choy—Happy New Year! Join the Greenbelt educators as they celebrate the Year of the Rat. Discover traditional foods, and learn about the festivals surrounding this festive weeklong holiday. Make a lantern for the Lantern Festival while you snack on authentic Chinese New Year treats.

GREEN BELT NATURE CENTER @ 700 Rockland Avenue,

Fee: Greenbelt Conservancy members $5; non-members $6. Registration and prepayment required. Call (718) 351-3450.



Every weekend, weather permitting, our family goes on a nature walk. Not only does it help with the exercise, but my son (8 years old, autistic) becomes a different person. He is more verbal, more good natured, and is ecstatic to be tromping around in the leaves and the dirt.

Check out what NYC Parks department has to offer for children ages 8 years old and up accompanied by an adult chaperone:

  • Sunday, January 13th @1:00 p.m. WINTER BIRDING HIKE AROUND WILLOWBROOK LAKE – Meet at the Willowbrook Park parking lot at Eton
  • Sunday March 2nd @ 10:00 a.m. HIKE THE GREEN TRAIL IN HIGH ROCK PARK – Meet at the lower parking lot at Nevada Avenue
  • Sunday, March 16th @ 10:00 a.m. LEPRECHAUN HIKE AROUND THE NATURE CENTER TRAIL – meet at the Greenbelt Nature Center, 700 Rockland Avenue