Message From Our BoxTop Coordinator


Hope everyone had a great holiday break! Thanks to all who have been continuously sending in those boxtops! So far we have about $70 in boxtops. My deadline is in mid March to submit so school can get a check in April. Please keep clipping and sending. Our goal is for $750 by October of 2008.
I wanted to let everyone know that if you register with the boxtop website for PS373, there are on-going contests. Currently there are three. We could win $1,000 to $2,500 for our school if we enter daily. You don’t have to buy anything. Just go to and after you sign in, go to the “promotions” tab. Click on that and a chart of different contests and other ideas comes up. Click on the Chicken Helper contest and after you fill in the fields enter UPC code 16000-17471. This one is a daily contest. Another daily contest is called “Game time” and is underneath the chicken helper contest posted on the promotions chart. Go back to promotions and click on that one and enter UPC code 42800-71827. This is ongoing until the end of March.The third one is a monthly contest, also located on the promotions chart.The more each of us enters these contests, perhaps the better the chance we have winning for our school and our kids! Have a happy and healthy New Year! Thanks again, Sonja Bushey (Box Top Coordinator)